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How To Buy A Domain from Godaddy in India

In the modern era of technology, it has become imperative for both businesses and individuals to have a website. To successfully launch a website, securing a domain name is crucial.

The perfect domain will serve as the cornerstone for a remarkable website and a captivating digital presence.

If you are searching for a suitable domain to purchase for your website in India, and uncertain of how to get started, fret not. This article will delve into the process of acquiring a domain name, from one of the top domain providers, GoDaddy.

What exactly is a domain and why do I require one?

Before we proceed to GoDaddy, let us first understand the importance of having a domain name. “Domain” is frequently regarded as the website’s backbone. A website, for example, cannot exist without a domain. We are all aware that the internet is an enormous space filled with billions upon billions of websites. A domain name gives a website a distinctive name or identity that allows you to find your website on the internet.

A complete domain name has a three-part structure. It begins with the machine or hostname (for example, “www” for “World Wide Web”), followed by the name of the website itself. 

The name is often brandable, which means it can be turned into a business. It should be incredible and special. Domain extension is the end part of a domain, and there are many types of domain extensions.

A strong domain name:

✅Enhances professional credibility for your company and distinguishes you from the multitude of websites promoting get-rich-quick schemes.

✅Boosts visibility for your brand. Similar to a storefront display, a top-notch domain name garners attention and entices potential clients.

✅Showcases your business as innovative and forward-thinking. Regardless of whether you conduct online sales or not, your reputation needs to secure your online presence.

✅Fosters adaptability for your online presence. Whether you decide to switch web hosting providers, relocate to a different country, or utilize your in-house server, your domain name remains your own, enabling you to keep building your brand without starting from scratch.

✅Elevates your search engine ranking. As you expand your business and enrich your website with high-quality content, your domain name gains recognition in search engines like Google, ultimately driving more customers toward your business.

✅Bestows global marketability to your brand, or you may opt to cater to a specific local region.

How to buy a domain from GoDaddy India

Buying a domain name through GoDaddy is a simple and uncomplicated process. Let’s explore the necessary steps for acquiring a domain name from GoDaddy:

Step 1: First and foremost, the user must create a GoDaddy account. If an account already exists, simply log in using your credentials. Signing up or creating an account with GoDaddy is a straightforward and effortless process.

Step 2: Next, utilize GoDaddy’s Domain search tool to search for your desired domain name. This tool displays the availability of the domain name and also provides suggestions through the use of domain generator tools. You will be notified if your desired domain is available for purchase, or if there are alternative options to consider.

Step 3: If the chosen name has already been claimed, the user has the option to utilize the WHOIS Lookup Tool. This tool aids in locating the owner of the domain name, giving the possibility of contacting them directly using the provided information. Another alternative is the Domain Broker Service, where the company will negotiate with the owner on your behalf. This service aims to secure a deal for you, ultimately leading to the transfer of the domain into your account.

Step 4: Upon acquiring the desired domain name, proceed to select “add to cart” and initiate the purchasing process. At this point, you will be prompted to include the domain privacy and protection option, which is an additional feature. It is highly recommended to opt for this option as it serves to safeguard your domain.

If this feature is not desired, then simply choose “No Domain Protection” and carry on with the purchasing process.


Step 5: Follow the guided prompts or on-screen instructions to complete the purchase process by selecting a suitable plan and duration according to your needs and requirements. For instance, if you wish to acquire the domain name for three or two years, make the selection from the drop-down menu.

Step 6: Finalize the payment process by choosing from various available options such as UPI, wallets, net banking, and credit/debit cards. After a successful transaction, a print receipt will be immediately generated for future reference.

Step 7: Upon successful completion of the purchase, the acquired domain name will be displayed at the top of the page.

How to transfer  a domain to Godaddy India

If you desire to host your domain on the Godaddy India platform, simply transfer it to them.

Follow the steps to transfer your domain to Godaddy India.

Step 1 – Open the domain you wish to transfer at your current registrar.

Step 2 – Utilize the GoDaddy India transfer tool to find your domain.

Step 3 – Confirm the transfer by providing your authorization code (EPP code).

The transfer cost differs depending on the extension type you wish to employ.

Why buy your domain from GoDaddy India?

GoDaddy is the world’s largest and most trusted domain registrar, with over 21 million users and over 84 million domain names.  In addition to domain registration, GoDaddy provides hosting services and other digital marketing tools to its customers. Here are some more reasons why you should get your domain from GoDaddy India.

#1. Usability

The tools and interfaces provided by GoDaddy are straightforward to use. It is straightforward, well-organized, uncluttered, and simple to use.

The domain registration procedure is straightforward and painless. It also provides things like branded professional email addresses, a free trial of a website builder, an SSL certificate, and domain registration.

#2. Assistance for Customers

Managing domains can be challenging for beginners, but GoDaddy offers efficient solutions through its official customer support hotline. Their quick and reliable service is crucial for anyone facing domain-related problems.

The layout of GoDaddy’s website is user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and find solutions to common issues. Frequently encountered problems are organized under large, easily identifiable icons such as “domains,” “SSL certificates,” and “cPanel.”

#3. Simplified Payment Options

Many domain registrars only accept international payment methods, namely credit cards. However, GoDaddy stands out by also offering Indian payment options including debit cards and UPI payments. This convenient feature makes buying domains a hassle-free process for individuals in India.

#4. A Trusted Name in India

With its immense popularity and strong marketing strategies, GoDaddy has established itself as a reputable brand in India. This recognition is beneficial for those looking to purchase a domain, especially for domain investors who know GoDaddy is the go-to platform.

#5. Simplifies the bidding process 

GoDaddy also enables you to bid on specific domains, serving as a digital marketplace for prospective buyers and sellers alike. It streamlines the bidding process for targeted domain names.

#6. Abundant variety of domain and extension options

The company offers a vast selection of domains, spanning over 500 extensions, including nearly 100 subdomains.

#7. Enhanced security measures

The higher-tier plans include complimentary online protection for your domains, such as full domain security and ultimate domain protection. These measures prevent unauthorized access and tampering from malicious hackers.

#8. Additional services 

In addition to purchasing and registering domains, GoDaddy also provides a plethora of domain-based services, such as bulk domain search, domain transfers, new domain extensions, domain name generators, domain brokerage services, domain investments, and domain auctions.

However, one downside is that GoDaddy’s pricing for domain registration is relatively expensive compared to its competitors.  This applies not only to the initial plans but also to renewals of domain names.

Tips for selecting a domain name

Once you have selected your preferred domain name registrar, it is time to begin your search for the perfect domain name.

Your domain name serves as the foundation of your online business identity and aids in connecting with your target audience. Consider your domain name to be the name of your online business or a crucial aspect of your overall branding. These tips will aid you in making the best choice.

a). Keep it concise and uncomplicated

It may seem like a straightforward approach, but securing a short and memorable domain name is not as effortless as it appears. The fewer words or characters in your domain name, the higher the chances of customers correctly typing it in and finding your website. While this method may require some ingenuity, it will yield significant results.

On the “simple” side of things, ensure that your domain name is easy to spell and avoid using numbers and hyphens.

b). Incorporate keywords that directly relate to your business or service.

 For example, if you are in the travel planning industry, use keywords such as holiday, travel, celebration, break, vacation, and more. This will not only boost your search engine rankings but also increase your online visibility.

c). Select a domain name that targets your demographic location.

 If your business caters to a specific city or location, choose a domain name that reflects this.

Bottom Line

Buying a domain is a vital step to establishing your internet presence, and GoDaddy is a trustworthy and leading provider of domains to small and medium-sized enterprises. It has a streamlined and user-friendly layout with several simple-to-use functions. However, when it comes to domain registration renewals, it turns out to be a costly option.


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