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Godaddy Auction in India: All You Need To Know

Last updated on June 25th, 2024 at 08:06 am

In this blog post, you will learn how to sell a domain on Godaddy India fast. You will also get the proven strategies you can implement to fetch higher prices and make more money.

But first, who is Godaddy?

Godaddy is your all-in-one solution to grow online. With them, you can create your own free website, get a domain name in India, fast hosting, do online marketing, and have access to award-winning 24/7 support.

Besides selling you domains, you can also sell a domain on Godaddy thanks to their comprehensive auction system.

What is Godaddy Auctions?

GoDaddy Auctions® is a marketplace for domain sellers and potential buyers. Sellers can list their domains for sale in the marketplace, and GoDaddy Auctions® charges a percentage of the total sales amount.

And to increase the chances of getting a buyer, Godaddy allows you to add optional features to your listed domain to increase its exposure.

Remember, all prices shown on Godaddy Auctions are in USD no matter the currency you will be paying in.

What are the commission fees if a domain is sold?

If you are a GoDaddy Auctions® member, you will be allowed to list your domain in India for free.

Free listings include:

  • Accepting offers from potential buyers and sending a counteroffer
  • Setting a Buy Now price
  • Starting a 7-Day Public Auction

Domain sellers in India can also increase the visibility of their domains with additional listing add-ons:

  • Get to feature your domain listing on the GoDaddy Auctions® Home Page for US$19.98 per listing.
  • You can also get to feature a listing on a Category Page, such as Real Estate or Technology, to target buyers looking for a specific domain for US$9.99 per listing.
  • Set a Reserve Price on the Auction Listing (7-Day Public Auctions only) for US$4.99 per listing.

And when your domain is sold, you will pay a commission to GoDaddy. 

What amount?

Well, the amount depends on the price the domain sold for. VAT and taxes are based on the buyer’s account info and are paid by the buyer.

Here is a simple breakdown of the Godaddy auctions commission in India;

  • Domain sale price: US$0 – $5,000; Commission rate: 20% (US$15 minimum)
  • Domain sale price: US$5,001 – $25,000; Commission rate: US$1,000 + 15% of amount over US$5,000
  • Domain sale price: US$25,001 or more; Commission rate: US$4,000 + 10% of amount over US$25,000

How To Sell Domain On Godaddy in India

As mentioned earlier, you can list a domain for sale on Godaddy auctions for free if you are a member.

To become a member, follow these steps to sell domain on Godaddy India;

1. Go to Domain Auction | Buy & Sell Distinctive Domains – GoDaddy

Go to Domain Auction | Buy & Sell Distinctive Domains - GoDaddy

Head over to to sell domain on Godaddy India.

2. Click on Join Now

Click on Join Now

Join to register as a Godaddy Auctions member in India.

3. Click on Join Now

Click on Join Now

To become a member, it will cost you Rs. 375.19 per year, which includes a VAT of 20%.

4. Click on Create an Account

Click on Create an Account

Go ahead and create an account using either your Facebook, Google, or Email account.

Once you are done, you will proceed to complete the payment.

After a successful registration process, you will then proceed to list your domain for sale on Godaddy India.

Why GoDaddy Auctions in India?

Why should you sell domain on Godaddy India?

For starters, Godaddy has one of the web’s lowest commission fees. They charge less than any other domain auction in India.

This means that you will earn more profit.

Godaddy also allows you to monitor up to 100 domains you are interested in. 

Better part?

They will notify you whenever there are any changes such as domain expiring or when someone new bids on the asset you are interested in.

Then there is the soon-to-expire domains section.

With it, you get access to high-value domains before anyone else.

How to list a domain for sale on Godaddy India Auctions

Selling your domain on Godaddy India is straightforward.

Once you are accepted as a member, follow these steps to make a listing;

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy Auctions account.
  2. From the top menu, select List a Domain. The List a Domain page displays.
  3. In the Domain name and Confirm domain name fields, enter the domain name you want to list.
  4. From Listing Type, select 7-Day Public Auction.

In the Add Listing Details section, complete the following:

  • Starting Bid Amount — Enter the minimum starting bid in USD. You must enter at least $20.
  • Optional: Add Reserve Price — To sell the domain name only if the winning bid meets a threshold, select this option, and then enter the minimum amount you will accept in USD.
  • Select Auction End Hour — Select the time range in which you want the auction to end.
  • Category — Select the categories you want your domain name listed in.
  • Optional: Includes a Web Site — Select this option to include your current, live website in the sale of the domain name. When selected, a link to the website displays in your listing.
  • Optional: Contains Adult Content — Select this option if your website contains adult content.
  • Optional: Description — Enter a description for the domain name you are listing. If you have traffic data for the domain name, you can add it to the description.

GoDaddy auction membership in India

To participate in GoDaddy Auctions, you need to purchase an annual GoDaddy Auctions membership, which costs $4.99 per year.

This membership allows you to bid, purchase domains, and list domain names for sale for free.

GoDaddy Auctions is a marketplace for domain sellers and potential buyers, where sellers can list their domains for sale, and potential buyers can purchase them.

The membership provides benefits such as the ability to list domains for sale, access to domain monitoring, and the opportunity to join a large auction community.

GoDaddy featured listing

A featured listing on GoDaddy Auctions is a way to increase the visibility of your domain name for sale by highlighting it on the GoDaddy Auctions homepage.

This can help attract more potential buyers and increase the chances of a successful sale.

To feature a listing, you can select the “Feature a Listing” option when listing your domain for sale.

The cost for featuring a listing on a category page, such as Real Estate or Technology, is $9.99 USD per listing.

Things to consider when selling a domain in India

a). Make sure you have the authority to sell your domain

b). Make sure you are marketing effectively

c). Understand what makes a good fit for an investor. If it’s not right, move on! 

d) Setting realistic expectations before pitching investors or buyers. 

You need to understand exactly how much money people will be willing to pay for this particular name and that number needs to align with your goals as well as theirs. 

It is also important here not to pitch it until you are 100% certain that the price is right for both parties involved. 

Don’t waste each other’s time unless everyone involved has reached the common ground at their price wants/needs.

e) Be prepared! Have all of your documents ready before you contact investors or buyers. If they ask for a POC, have it signed and be prepared to send the original version right away so you can get your cash in hand quickly!

f). Connections are everything when selling domains on Godaddy India.

g) Understand who is buying what names and why. 

Final thoughts on how to sell a domain on Godaddy India

Be patient but don’t give up just because things aren’t going exactly as planned. 

Remember that patience is key here too! 

Don’t rush into anything unless everyone involved agrees on the terms from the beginning. 

You need this to happen BEFORE pitching any type of offer if possible.

Many people think that once someone has agreed to sell their domain then there’s no way out of it even though both parties may not have come to terms of price. 

Don’t be afraid to change your mind on selling if you realize the numbers no longer make sense for either party involved even though everyone initially agreed upon it!

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