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Affiliate Marketing In India For Beginners: The Best Guide

Every day beginners are looking for ways to make it online. According to Google, there has been over a 15% increase in business sales from affiliate marketing in India!

It’s a lucrative venture that everyone can get started on! Choosing to start affiliate marketing will have you earning effortlessly.

Besides, there are so many open opportunities available. No skills are needed! There is much information online but only a few guides for specific topics.

This guide changes all that; let’s dive into it!

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing means promoting products and getting paid after purchases. It’s using your networks to sell on behalf of the business.

It’s done through links that you share on different platforms. After one buys from your link, you earn a certain amount!

In other words, the arrangement can be about signups or even page visits. Different companies have different approaches to this.

Further simplification of affiliate marketing:

  • Affiliate- a person who advertises a company’s goods or services and later earns a commission from sales.
  • Merchant- the one in charge of selling the good or providing the service. They may also be recognized as brand owners or manufacturers. Responsible for paying affiliates.
  • A platform that connects the merchant and the affiliate is an affiliate network. It’s the marketplace that affiliates and merchants use.
  • Customer- the person who buys the goods or service purchase. They complete the transactions that allow both merchant and affiliate to earn.

You are not required to purchase the products to promote them as an affiliate. Instead, you will be compensated each time someone purchases something through your link.

Get paid per click or pay per sale of a specific product or service.  One also can earn from pay-per-lead, earned from referring people to websites.

Why should you do affiliate marketing?

1. To earn extra money

Money is scarce, and having a way to supplement it, is a good way to grow! You don’t have to stop your daily work; instead, find time for the affiliation.

In India, passive income from affiliate marketing is quite prominent. Your potential earnings are unlimited. 

When you start, you can make a good living, but as your traffic and audience grow, so will your income. Being smart and taking this opportunity takes you to the next level.

Isn’t it amazing having some extra money without sweating about it? Research it and get started now!

2. No skills needed for startup

You don’t need to be a marketing specialist; develop and earn from affiliate marketing. Learn and earn as you go.

 Gain knowledge by exploring various organic or paid advertisements. Additionally, check various methods for running and managing an affiliate marketing program. 

You can easily utilize any previous marketing experience to determine what outperforms and generates the most profits. 

Then maximize and repeat the same trend to attain the desired outcome.

3. It’s flexible!

There is no need to be at an office to get started. Work on your affiliation from any place! Also, get to choose when to work and for whom!

On the plus side, you aren’t limited to the companies you can work for; your payments are also on time and fruitful.

Upscaling or downscaling all depends on your ability. Choose this and work together with other jobs without hassle.

4. High returns

Getting started without a dime and earning from it is a good investment! As soon as purchases are completed, you are paid.

No need to have many resources as a phone can do too. With limited resources, get started and earn returns to invest for higher payouts.

5. No startup capital is needed

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money. Starting a profession as an affiliate marketer is much less pricey than in other professions. 

You can also work as an affiliate marketer as a side gig. By making sales, affiliate marketing can help yield passive income. 

Simply find the right products and promote them on your channel to earn commissions from each sale.

There is more benefit to getting started on affiliate marketing in India. These will open your curiosity to start.

How much money does affiliate marketing in India pay?

In India, affiliate marketing is well-liked. Many individuals utilize it to generate decent money comfortably.

It’s because of minimal risk and return on investment. Many websites like Chegg help people make a passive income.

There is no limit to how much to earn! However, it’s determined by these three factors:

  • The kind of niche chosen- the more popular the product, the higher the payouts.
  • Commission percentage- if the commission offered is high, so will your yields.
  • What people can promote the product- the easier it is, the cheaper it becomes, and vice versa!

Be unique and research first before getting started. 

Affiliate Marketing In India For Beginners: A Step-By-Step Guide

 1. Choose your product

To get started on affiliate marketing in India, you need a product. It’s what you’ll be promoting and later earn from it.

Get a good product many will connect with and purchase from your link. To make an informed decision about market trends, you must conduct thorough research. 

Choose wisely, as you will promote it by writing content about it and using other marketing techniques. Without a product or service, there are no sales.

Be creative and consistent in your promotion.

2. Find a platform to promote the product.

Find the best platform from the many available. Amazon Affiliate Program and Flipkart Affiliate are two popular platforms in India. 

When you sign up for these programs, you will be given a unique affiliate link to promote to your audience. The majority of people create websites to promote this link.

You can use the same technique as before. Have a website, as these affiliate programs will ask for this when you sign up. 

Later, you can add appealing articles to your website to generate traffic and expand your reach.

3. Create a website and content.

The content you create for the product is another step that significantly impacts your sales. An article or a vlog for the product are examples of content creation. 

Genuine and remarkable content always increases sales. You can create how-to articles for the product you’re selling.

This type of topic attracts a large number of readers and contributes to an increase in commission. 

Assume you’re writing about health-related products and how to use them. Craft an excellent article and watch the numbers grow!

4. Make use of Affiliate marketing tools.

In affiliate marketing, tools are your best friend. They make your job easier and faster. Below are a few affiliate marketing tools we advise:

  • Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tool that can help you research target keywords, audit your website, research competitors, find content ideas, and more.
  • Rank Math is a WordPress plugin that ensures your pages have the best on-page SEO possible.
  • Google Search Console– find and fix technical errors on your website, submit sitemaps, view structured data issues, and more.
  • Google Analytics- it provides vital data and analytics for your affiliate website. Know how best your site performs.
  • Yoast SEO– a WordPress plug-in that helps you craft the best content. Your content will be ready for search engines.

Check out other tools for use; don’t limit your creativity!

5. Join an affiliate marketing network.

Being part of a network helps you keep tabs on your product. It becomes easy to connect with other affiliates and better yourself.

Learn to analyze the market performance of your goods from the network. Know about tracking your links. 

Use cookies to keep track of how people are using specific URLs. Every activity is documented, and the outcomes are readily available. 

Additionally, it will assist you in modifying your technique in the future. Correct the faults you make with your marketing by monitoring and analyzing your progress. 

Your development and the success of your prior items also influence your future affiliate marketing potential.

 Final words;

A newbie can begin with a website or platform with the highest traffic. You may establish credibility with your audience once you’ve chosen a viable specialty. 

Building trust will grow the audience, no matter how little traffic to your website. You can always learn from your mistakes since India’s affiliate marketing is relatively inexpensive.

Doing affiliate marketing in India is a good way to earn a living. Results don’t come overnight; it’s from consistency.

There are so many products and services to promote. It’s up to you to find what will earn you good returns.

Why don’t you get started today on Truehost affiliate marketing in India? You don’t need to quit your job and get started; do it as a side hustle. 


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