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10 Best Free WordPress Themes in India

Are you looking for the best free WordPress themes in India?

You are in the right place.

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) worldwide. They host approximately 34% of all websites globally and their free WordPress themes are equally very common. 

WordPress themes are applicable to almost any kind of website that you possess. Whether you own an eCommerce site, a blogging site, or any other kind of website, you can be assured that WordPress has something for you.

The best part about these WordPress themes is that you can access the best themes in India at no cost at all. This article will help you explore some of the best themes you can use on a wide variety of websites. Read on to know how you can make your website more appealing using some of the best themes at absolutely no cost. 

The Best Free WordPress Themes in India

  1. Storefront 
best free WordPress themes in India

Storefront is the official Woocommerce theme and it contains all the basic features and customizations you need for your site. It has about 5,387,800 downloads and has a 90% rating from 126 reviews. 

This WordPress theme is dependable since you can work with it smoothly without major glitches. It produces clean designs and works well with other page builders. 

  1. Twenty Seventeen
Twenty Seventeen free theme in india

This is one of the most popular and best free WordPress themes in India default themes that has been highly appreciated by the WordPress community for a while now. It has an 88% rating out of 114 reviews and about 7,634,000 downloads. 

The theme provides a simple presentation and allows you to do some basic branding using the header image. In addition, their typesetting is an excellent choice for a blog or a business project.

  1. Sydney
sydenye wp theme in india

Sydney has retained its position on the popular tab for a long while. It has about 3,210,000 downloads and a 98% rating from 462 reviews. Let us find out what makes it such an outstanding theme.

This theme is one of the few themes that is recommended by team Elementor. To add, it provides a modern design that is updated regularly. The structure is responsive and it contains a WordPress Customizer integration, Google fonts, as well ad custom Elementor blocks. 

Generally, it works best for professional portfolios, agencies or business websites. 

  1. OceanWP
best free WordPress themes in India

This is another best free WordPress themes in India with focus on minimalism and performance. You can use this theme by selecting the features you need and streamlining individual parts of your site. OceanWP has a 98% rating from 4766 reviews and a total of about 3,999,800 downloads. 

People who own eCommerce sites can enjoy the rich e-commerce-related features and settings that come with this theme. Moreso, anyone using WooCommerce or planning to use it must be sure to check out OceanWP. Not to forget that this theme is compatible with page-builder plugins. 

  1. GeneratePress 
generatepress free theme

This theme provides an extended customization interface with many knobs and dials. It allows you to upgrade your typing styles, layout, colors, and other fine details. GeneratePress has about 3,448,600 downloads and an incredible 100% rating from 1224 reviews. 

On the other hand, this theme produces the best results when used under the premium option. Its options on the free version are very basic therefore you will get not an out-of-the-box design.

  1.  Astra
astra free theme

Astra is one of the fastest-growing themes in WordPress. It has some of the most basic features which are focused on functionality hence its high performance. This WordPress theme allows you to choose the modules you need and activate or deactivate them accordingly. Out of 4942 themes, they have a 98% rating and about 5,283,000 downloads. 

An additional advantage is that Astra is compatible with other common page builders like Brizy, Elementor, and Beaver Builder. These builders have starter sites that allow you to quickly build a website with Astra and fully customize it to meet your needs. 

  1. Hestia
best free WordPress themes in India

Hestia can be described as clean, modern, and slick. It is a WordPress theme and has been a part of the popular tab for a number of years. What stands out is that it has been having a steady stream of new downloads every day. So far it has about 2,819,000 downloads and a 96% rating from 458 reviews. 

This free theme provides a level of simplicity that makes it stand out from other equivalent themes in the market. It is fully integrated with the WordPress customizer and it allows you to make a selection of starter sites from different styles of websites. Hestia was specifically designed to work with page builders like  Divi Builder, Elementor, Brizy, and Beaver builder. It works well for online stores, agencies, apps or business sites. 

  1. ColorMag
colormag for wordpress in india

ColorMag is one of the most unique themes since it is specially designed for magazine and news-style websites. In addition, they have a good number of different layouts and configurations available so that all can get something suitable for their niche. 

It is customized to handle high volumes of content that allow the publishing of many posts every day. Otherwise, if you do not need such an elaborate form of publishing, you may want to consider other themes. 

This theme has features that are compatible with WooCommerce. It has good colour selection options as well as advanced typography with more than 15 widget areas. 

Currently, this WordPress theme has had about 2.9 million downloads and a 98% rating from 1277 reviews.

  1. Neve          
best free WordPress themes in India

This is one of the newest WordPress creations. An outstanding fact is that it has already made it to the popular tab and has about 1,868,880 total downloads and a 96% rating from 757 reviews. 

Neve is a great resource in helping you get your site online incredibly fast with an imported unique design in just a matter of clicks. 

This design is modern, fast-loading and optimized for mobile devices. What’s more, is that you can access more than 20 free starter sites and even more of them if you decide to upgrade to pro. One of the outstanding facts about Neve is that it invites you to choose a theme immediately after installing so that you can have a refined site. 

  1. OnePress
best free WordPress themes in India

This theme provides a unique modern outlook on flat designs. It ensures that your content gets noticeable by providing good whitespace use and outstanding typography. 

OnePress is a single-page theme where you can creatively layout your content on one page and create more sub-pages around this homepage. Its design is 100% responsive and you can choose from the custom content blocks to get advanced customization options in the WordPress customiser. 

So far it has about 1,678,000 downloads and a 92% rating from 147 reviews. 

In Conclusion

An appealing website is the first step towards gaining more visitors towards being customers. As much as designing a website may be a difficult task, WordPress themes make this one of the most seamless processes. Be sure to check out one of the themes that is most suited for your website.   


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