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#15 Best Products For Online Business in India

Since the Pandemic, many Indian entrepreneurs have moved into eCommerce considering most consumers shifted to online stores due to the restrictions which were put across during the pandemic. Since then the eCommerce business has seen a lot of growth. 

You can now sell anything and anywhere with the help of the internet. I’m sure you want to join the trend too and open your online business but do you know the best and most selling products online in India? 

Understanding what your customers prefer and what products can sustain your business and help your brand grow is very important. Finding popular products to sell online can be challenging. 

In this article, we are going to take you through some of India’s best-selling products online with the potential to grow in the future. 

These products include clothing which has the potential to be the largest segment when it comes to the Indian online market in the next few years, consumer electronics, Jewelry, mobile phones, books, and stationery, beauty products, baby care products, health supplements, personal hygiene essentials, fashion accessories, grocery and food items, kitchenware, footwear, toys, and video games and subscriptions. 

#1. Apparels

Clothing constitutes the largest segment of best-selling products in India. 

Almost 35% of the total revenue generated from online sales comes from clothing materials in India. These include ladies’ clothes, men’s clothes, and children’s clothes too. 

Due to its demand, many people have opened online stores to sell apparel and dresses. 

Do not be scared this product is far from being saturated. You can open your clothing online stores and make a lot of money from it. People will always want something new and fashionable.

#2. Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics include televisions, refrigerators, home theatres, digital cameras, and laptops among others.

Online stores are the best places to buy/sell consumer electronic goods. Due to the discounts, cashback offers, bank offers & sales, and door delivery people tend to prefer buying these electronics from online stores. 

You can start your online store today and watch your online business grow.

#3. Jewelry 

Selling Jewelry is like a sure bet when it comes to the Indian community. An Indian lady can never be fully dressed without wearing jewelry and not just one. 

There are multiple styles of jewelry that Indian customers can purchase online. From handmade to antique, lacquer to meenakari name them all. 

Since the process of selecting preferred items and buying from global leaders is done conveniently through an eCommerce site so why not start your jewelry online store in India today?

#4. Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are trendy items when it comes to eCommerce sites. This is one of the best-selling online products in India with an unmatched variety of brands and models. 

People find it easier to buy mobile phones online since they can compare models before buying. The rise in cheaper internet and the need to always stay connected with family and friends has driven the smartphone market in India. 

This can be a very profitable online business in India.

#5. Book and Stationery

It is easier for a buyer to find their selected titles through eCommerce sites than an online store which can be time-consuming. 

You can choose to sell educational, fictional, or reference books from Indian and even overseas publishers. 

Since the pandemic, DIY books, self-help, recipe books, and motivational book sales have also increased sharply.

#6. Baby care products

Indian parents especially new parents always turn to eCommerce sites to fulfill their need for baby care products. 

eCommerce sites in India are popular when it comes to baby products since they not only help you locate what you want first but also help you discover more products you didn’t know you need for your baby. 

You also get the comfort of staying at home, taking care of your baby, and still getting everything you need for your baby online.

#7. Beauty Products

Shopping for beauty and skincare products like creams, lotion, face masks, moisturizers, makeup kits, and perfumes among others is one of the most demanded items in India. 

Indians are beauty products lovers and therefore starting your beauty products online store can be a really good online business to get into.

#8. Health Supplements

Changing life patterns have made many Indians opt for health supplements and the best place they can get them easily is through online stores. 

Health supplements such as gluten-free, antioxidant-rich, vegan health supplements are becoming increasingly popular among Indians. 

You can start your online store today and watch customers flood your site. 

#9. Personal Hygiene Essentials

In the last few years, people could have preferred picking personal hygiene essentials from a physical store, but since the pandemic, personal hygiene essentials are increasingly being sold online. 

The pandemic led to people focusing more on personal hygiene which began with high demand for sanitizers, face masks, disinfectants, surface cleaners, and hand washes which has helped online purchases for personal hygiene essentials to increase rapidly within a short period.

#10. Fashion Accessories

After jewelry products, Fashion accessories are also popular online products in India. Some of these items include belts, purses, wallets, handbags, headbands, scrunchies, and watches. We all love looking good and unique at the same time. 

Online stores make it easy for customers to go through different fashion accessories and choose what fits their style in the comfort of their homes. 

These fashion accessories have demand, especially among the young generation of consumers.

#11. Grocery & Food Items

It’s unbelievable that grocery and food products are the highest-selling online product category in India. 

Online grocery stores save consumer time and make it easy for them especially if they have a 9 to 5 job which means they almost have no time for grocery shopping. 

In today’s world people just order goods and have them delivered to their doorsteps.

#12. Kitchenware

With everything moving to digital, now online stores are used widely to buy kitchenware like utensils, crockery, cutlery, and storage jars among others. Indian community values the kitchen area so much. 

If you want spices for delicious dishes, then you going to get them in the Indian community. 

To cook you will need kitchenware and that’s why a kitchenware store is a good online business to start in India.

#13. Footwear

Online stores are one of the best places to buy footwear in India provided you know your shoe size. 

There are many different types of footwear such as shoes, slippers, sandals, sneakers, and heels among others. 

People can choose among many brands across the world depending on their taste and budget. 

You can search for the trendy and latest footwear on your browser. Imagine if you had to go shop by shop looking for the latest footwear. 

Hectic right? This is one of the reasons why people prefer getting footwear online. 

So why not bless your potential customers with the latest and the best footwear and see your online grow?

#14. Toys & Video Games

Parents are always searching for toys and video games for their kids online. 

Be it a snake and ladder game, scrabble, remote-controlled cars and helicopters, or dolls for baby girls among other toys. 

There is a wide range of toys such as educational toys, lego sets, mechanical toys, and plush toys for babies among others. 

You can also decide to deal with NERF guns and robotics kits. You can never miss several orders a day with an online store.

#15. Subscriptions

Online subscriptions might be the next biggest thing in the Indian consumer market. 

A subscription is the amount of money you pay regularly to receive a product or service such as becoming a member of a certain organization or club. The payment can be made monthly or yearly.

Some of the subscription models people use often include e-books, software, music, videos, online certification courses, training lectures, and online memberships among others.

If you have any skills to do with subscription services then this is a chance for you to open and grow your online business.


These are some of the best-selling online products in India. This list is, however, expected to keep growing especially with the advent of dropshipping business in India. 

More consumers are slowly moving into buying most of what they need online and this might be the perfect time for you to open your online store and have a good marketing strategy. 

We hope the above list has helped you figure out the perfect product for you to help you build your online store and grow. 

What do you think we might have left out let us know and kindly help us reach more people by sharing this article.



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