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Latest Godaddy India Hosting Plans And Their Prices

Last updated on December 20th, 2023 at 06:29 am

In today’s blog post, you are going to learn more about Godaddy India hosting plans.

We will go through pricing, features, and how to pick the best plan for your needs.

Before we start, who is Godaddy India?

Godaddy is a company that provides domain registration, shopping cart hosting, and email services. 

They are one of the world’s most popular web hosting companies with over 14 million customers as of July 2013.

Godaddy has been in business for more than two decades and currently employs about 1800 people who work at their headquarters in Tempe Arizona, among their various offices around the United States.

And now, the company has a branch here, which is Godaddy India.

Why should you care about them?

If you’re looking for a good hosting company in India, Godaddy is an excellent choice. 

They offer both shared and VPS hosting with competitive prices starting at ₹ 199.00 per month. 

This low price point makes it affordable to experiment without worrying about running out of budget or having to pay the high costs that come after experimenting. 

Godaddy India Hosting Plans

Godaddy has something for everyone, from beginners to seasoned online entrepreneurs.

1). Web Hosting

Godaddy India offers web hosting plans to gather for your online needs.

They have four plans. 

Let us look at each and what they have to offer.

a). Starter

This is a Godaddy India basic plan and is perfect for a single website.

It costs ₹169 per month and comes with the following features;

  • 512 MB RAM
  • 1 website
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 30 GB storage
  • 1 database
  • Free 1-click WordPress install
  • Free Professional Email


  • Affordable
  • Big storage space
  • Easy to install wordpress


  • Not enough RAM
  • Supports only one website
  • Comes with 1 database

Who is it for?

Godaddy India’s basic plan is recommended for those starting their first websites.

Also, if you have a limited budget, you can get this plan.

b). Economy

This is another of Godaddy India hosting plans.

It is going for ₹329.00 per month and comes with a free domain and email to match.

Features include;

  • Standard Performance
  • 1 website
  • 100 GB storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 10 databases
  • Free 1-click WordPress install
  • Free Professional Email for the 1st year
  • Free domain


  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Supports 10 databases
  • Comes with a free domain


  • Supports only 1 website

Who is it for?

If you have a little budget to spare and in need of additional databases, this is the plan for you.

c). Deluxe

It is going for ₹359.40 and comes with all features of the Economy.

Additionally, you get to host unlimited sites and unlimited storage.

Features include;

  • Standard Performance
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited storage
  • 25 databases
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free 1-click WordPress install
  • Free Professional Email for the 1st year
  • Free domain


  • Supports unlimited websites
  • Unlimited storage
  • 25 databases


  • Expensive during renewal

Who is it for?

Godaddy India Deluxe hosting plan is recommended for an established blogger in India with more than 3 websites.

This package allows you to host unlimited websites and not worry about running out of storage space.

Talking of space, if you want to never worry about storage space ever again, this is the plan for you.

d). Ultimate

This is one of the best Godaddy India hosting plans.

It is going for ₹599.40 per month and is perfect for high-traffic sites. 

This plan gives you 2x the CPU for more power and a free SSL for the first year.


  • Increased processing power
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free 1-click WordPress install
  • Free Professional Email 
  • Free domain 
  • Free SSL Certificate


  • Improved processing power
  • Free SSL certificate you would other pay ₹ 4,399 per year to acquire.
  • Support unlimited databases
  • Unmetered bandwidth


  • Expensive during renewal
  • The professional email is not free forever

Who is it for?

This Godaddy India hosting plan is recommended for websites attracting a ton of visitors per month.

A good example is an eCommerce website.

Godaddy India Business Hosting

Business hosting is different from the other Godaddy India hosting plans.

With this plan, you get access to a hosting account that delivers the same power and performance as a Virtual Private Server (VPS) without the pain of server administration. 

For as low as ₹1,279 per month, you get all the RAM, CPU, and bandwidth you need without having to hire an IT pro to manage your server.

Some of its features include;

  • 60 GB storage
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 CPU 
  • Unmetered traffic 
  • Unlimited websites and databases
  • Free, unlimited SSL for all your websites. 
  • Free Professional Email


  • Unmetered traffic
  • Free SSL certificates for all of your websites
  • Host unlimited websites
  • 1-click install to over 150 free apps including wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and WooCommerce.


  • 60GB of storage might not be enough for unlimited websites
  • Renewal fees are higher

Who is it for?

If you wish to host multiple basic websites in India, then get Godaddy India business hosting plans.

GoDaddy Website Builder

Godaddy India Hosting Plans

This is a Godaddy tool allowing you to create a website for free without touching code.

With hundreds of website templates, you can get started fast.

It comes with marketing tools to help you spread the word about your new project once it is launched.

How to use Godaddy India website builder

  1. First, create a GoDaddy account.
  2. Pick a design and use the drag-and-drop editor to add your own images and text or create a contact form. With this tool, you can let your imagination run wild, and create amazing designs in the process.
  3. Publish your website.

Once your website is live, you can expand as you see fit.

For example;

You can transform it into an online store by uploading products. Luckily, Godaddy provides tools to support coupons, shopping carts, shipping, and multiple payment options.


Godaddy India website builder is free. But it has paid plans starting from ₹ 199 per month.

With this basic plan, you get access to an SSL certificate, the ability to connect a custom domain, and 24/7 support.

2). Ecommerce Hosting

godaddy ecommerce hosting in india

There are two types of Godaddy India eCommerce hosting plans;

Managed WordPress Ecommerce

This plan allows you to create an online store in India using WooCommerce.

Starting from ₹ 1,139 per month, you get access to over 75 free WooCommerce extensions.

With this plan, you hit the ground running because you won’t have to do the heavy lifting yourself, Godaddy India will do the installations and maintenance for you.


  • Unlimited visitors, storage, and product listings for 1 store.
  • Access to nearly ₹4,47,761.20 of free WooCommerce extensions.
  • SEO optimizer to increase traffic.
  • Daily malware scans, removal, and hack repair.
  • Daily backups (on-demand and downloadable).
  • Automatic WordPress core updates and security patching.
  • Free SSL installed and configured.
  • CDN Boost for faster page load times.


  • Unlimited product listings
  • Access to free WooCommerce extensions
  • Unmetered traffic
  • SEO optimized


  • Costly on renewal
  • Supports only WooCommerce

GoDaddy Online Store Builder

GoDaddy Online Store Builder

Just like the website builder, Godaddy India online store builder allows you to build an online store for free.

With this store builder, you can add up to 5,000 products and supports up to 10 images per product.

The online store templates are designed to be used by anyone.

Better part?

Godaddy India online store builder makes it easy to get on Google My Business.

With such a tool in your arsenal, you can rank your store fast on search engines and attract potential buyers to your store.

3). WordPress Solutions

If you are looking for the best WordPress hosting in India, look no further than these Godaddy India Hosting plans.

A wordpress hosting is a hosting environment optimized to only support wordpress websites.

These plans are simple to set up, SEO optimized, and come with in-built security.

Godaddy India wordpress hosting has four plans starting from ₹ 299 per month. 

Features include;

  • Website backup protection with 1-click restore
  • Automatic daily malware scans
  • Free SSL Certificate for the duration of hosting
  • Free Domain

To get better features and performance, upgrade to higher plans.

Managed WordPress Pro

This Godaddy India wordpress hosting plan allows you to automate almost every aspect of running a website.

With this WordPress pro plan, you get access to a simple dashboard that allows you to manage multiple wordpress websites under one dashboard. 

And in the process, you save up to 3 hours of your time.

Additionally, Godaddy India’s expert support team is at your disposal 24/7.

As for the pricing, the lowest plan is going for ₹ 649 and comes with the following features;

  • 5 websites
  • 50 GB storage
  • Free SSL certificates 
  • Backups up to 90 days
  • 5 staging sites
  • Free site-maintenance tools

The higher Godaddy India hosting plans come with more storage space, allow staging for more sites, and host more sites.

4). VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting godaddy india

VPS hosting in India is where you take a virtual private server and divide it up into individual chunks, assigning each chunk to one customer. 

This allows the company to sell more servers while still giving their customers complete control over them because they’re not sharing with other people who are using the same resources.

It works better than shared hosting in India because of improved performance features.

Godaddy India has a self-managed VPS.

With it, you have total control, full root access, and optional control panels.

For standard RAM, you can get the lowest plan for ₹ 439 per month.

It comes with 1 CPU Core, 1 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD Storage, and supports Linux only.

Unmanaged VPS is recommended for those with technical skills like system administrators and developers.

Managed VPS in India

If you do not have any technical skills, you can get managed VPS hosting in India.

With these Godaddy India hosting plans, you have;

  • 24/7 fully managed support.
  •  SSD-powered KVM VPS – high-performance hosting.
  •  cPanel/WHM, Plesk Obsidian for easy WordPress admin.

Starting from ₹ 7,099 per month and comes with a dedicated team to work on managing your server.

Dedicated Server Hosting India

This is another of Godaddy India hosting plans.

And just like VPS servers, there are managed and unmanaged dedicated servers.

The self-managed dedicated hosting is the one you do everything from configuration to maintenance.

It costs cheaper than managed, at ₹ 8,839 per month, and comes with;

  • Intel Xeon-D
  • 4C/8T – 3.0 GHz Turbo
  • 32 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 2 x 4 TB HDD Storage (RAID-1)

This plan will work best for system admins and developers.

Managed Dedicated server hosting

With managed dedicated servers, everything is handled by experts provided by Godaddy India.

And with starting plan of ₹ 16,428 per month, you have access to;

  • 24/7 fully-managed support.
  • Bare metal servers with root access for complete control.
  • Flexible server configurations with SSD/HDD storage.

This is a perfect solution for companies who wish to have an excellent hosting environment without having to worry about technical requirements.

Godaddy India Reseller (WHMCS) Hosting

Have you ever thought of starting your own website hosting company in India?

Well, you can now!

All you have to do is acquire a reseller hosting package from Godaddy and start your business.

From as low as ₹ 1,999 per month, you can start a web hosting company in India and make money online.

All of their reseller packages come with;

  • WHMCS and cPanel to manage your hosting business
  • Unlimited websites and databases, Unmetered bandwidth, and expert 24/7 customer support to help whenever you need them

What to consider when choosing a hosting plan in India

What features do I need? 

Do I just need webspace so my website can go live or will it require an email service provider and more in order to function properly?

Is there bandwidth available if traffic spikes on any given day, Will enough hard drive storage be provided, or does this cost extra? 

What type of backup plan exists in case disaster strikes (i.e., how often is data backed up automatically?)

Does the company provide free domain registration services?

Remember that ‘the cheapest’ hosting may not necessarily be the best choice for you – especially when considering your needs as well as long-term costs for downtime and lost revenue from a hacked site.

Do I need to host my website on more than one server? 

In some cases, multiple servers are required to handle high bandwidth demands due to sudden spikes in traffic volume. 

It’s important to note that there can still be downtimes with multiple servers if they’re hosted by different providers because these companies operate independently without any coordination.


The cost of hosting will vary depending on the level of service and features you choose, as well as your needs (e.g., many people don’t require a dedicated IP address for their site)

Type of website

You will want to consider which options best fit what you plan on using the site for from social media posts or blogs about life at home, work, or school.

Ecommerce sites such as eBay and Etsy selling vintage clothing, crafts, and baked goods; or business sites that will be handling customer service inquiries require better hosting environments.

Security of your site

Another important thing to keep in mind is the level of security for your site.

This includes data integrity (i.e., preventing unauthorized users from altering any information on a database).

As well as protecting against denial-of-service attacks which are often launched by malicious hackers looking to stop legitimate access to a website.

Your technical expertise

You will want to think about how much time you’re willing to spend tweaking settings after installation since it can take some work initially to get things set up just right.

If you do not wish to get technical, go with managed hosting in India.


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