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How to Start a Successful Fashion Blog in India

Last updated on June 25th, 2024 at 06:53 am

So you want to start a fashion blog in India? Congratulations! There are many benefits of starting your own fashion blog, including having more control over the content that is published and building your reputation as an expert in the field. 

However, there are also some serious drawbacks to blogging about fashion. 

It is time for some honest talk about how to get started with a fashion blog.

Make sure that blogging about fashion is right for you

Before you start a fashion blog in India, make sure this is something you truly want.

This might seem obvious but it is important not to jump into something haphazardly without giving serious thought and time towards making it work. 

Starting a fashion blog in India can be extremely rewarding if done correctly.

However, starting one simply because everyone else has one isn’t going to cut it. 

You have created an online journal to explore your taste in fashion, not because you want the attention of others. 

Make sure that this is something that you are passionate about before starting!

Now that is out of the way, here are is how to start a fashion blog in India.

Step 1 – Pick a niche within Fashion industry

What kind of fashion do you like? 

Even if you are not sure, try to come up with a few ideas at least. 

For example;

  • Chic and trendy styles (think Parisian chic or modern Japanese street style)
  • Classic fashion (e.g., 1950s housewife looks)
  • Vintage dresses from the 1920s through 1960’s periods

Step 2 – Know your target audience

Step two to start a fashion blog in India is for determining your target audience/reading demographic.

This will help determine what type of content should be written on your blog because it gives an idea about who will read the posts you create. 

Ask yourself some questions like;

  • Who are my readers? Are they mostly women in their twenties interested in vintage clothing fashions, or older ladies looking for advice on how to dress for their age? 
  • What is my demographic? Maybe you want to target women ages 30-40 who live in the suburbs, have a full-time job, and are looking for ideas on how to care for their kids’ clothing. How about older men with incomes over Rs150k per year interested in classic menswear fashions.

Step 3 – Competitor research

The third step in starting a fashion blog in India is to do some market research. 

What are other men’s style blogs doing? (essentially, what are people in your chosen niche doing?) 

Are they successful? 

Do their styles align with yours? 

Why or why not? 

These are all things you need to think about before launching your own fashion blog. Try looking at the top 50-100 most popular fashion blogs in the world.

Step 4 – Find a unique angle

Step four is figuring out what your writing style will be. 

Some fashion bloggers in India focus on sharing new items they have purchased or styling looks using items from vintage stores; others do more general posts about different types of clothes (e.g., polka dot dresses) or tutorials like “how to hem pants”. 

What kind of content would best suit your blog readership? Be honest with yourself.

Step 5 – Choose hosting and install the WordPress

Once you have a niche and an idea of your readership, it’s time to buy the software. 

There are many different hosting companies out there that make starting a blog easier by offering free installation for WordPress blogs. 

Truehost India is one example of this kind of company; they also offer other blogging services like e-mail accounts, website design tools, etc..

For as low as ₹30.00 Monthly, you can have access to;

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 1 GB Disk Space
  • Max Websites Hosted: 1
  • One-Click Apps
  • Free SSL Certificate

And register a domain from as low as ₹79.20 per year.

Step 6 – Complete the basic setup for your fashion blog 

Once you have decided on which host to go with (note: some hosts will let you try their service without paying first) then complete all necessary registration information including choosing a domain name(e.g., about Fashion). 

You should probably purchase at least two years’ worth of web hosting when setting up so that your site will be reliable and up to date.

Step 7 – Choose a theme for your blog

The WordPress software has many different themes you can pick from, so don’t feel like it is necessary to pay somebody else just yet. 

Feel free to explore the available options and choose something that really appeals to you! 

Remember: Your fashion blog in India is an extension of yourself, so make sure you are proud of the way it looks before paying anyone else.

Step 8 – Create a consistent publishing schedule 

No one wants to read an empty fashion blog in India, so make sure you come up with a publishing schedule. 

This should include both the frequency of your blogging (e.g., daily or weekly) and what time you will start posting each day/week (I usually do it in the afternoon). 

Step 9 – Promote your fashion blog on social media channels

Once you have everything set up it is time for some promotion! 

Start by creating a profile page on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc… 

These sites are free and easy to get started with; they also provide more opportunities to interact with readers from all around the world who share similar interests as yourself.

How to turn your fashion blog in India into a success

Focus on your niche

The most vital thing is to focus on your niche and decide what is most important for this blog.

Do you want it to be a personal style journal? 

A place where people can come to find vintage items they might not have access to locally? 

Or do you prefer writing tutorials or sharing links with other bloggers who are interested in the same topics as you? 

Once these questions are answered, then it will be easier for you to write posts that your readers need.

Publish engaging content

Another thing to do is to include editing content so everything flows properly together. 

For example;

The conclusion of each of your posts should include three actionable steps: ways people can apply what was written about into their own lives. 

This means every section of your blog post should include a call to action.

Make a budget

If you are going to make your fashion blog in India successful, it is crucial that you set aside an appropriate amount of money for it before launching. 

Some bloggers spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on their blog per month, while others keep costs low by sticking with free platforms like Blogger and WordPress in India

Before setting up your new site, sit down and map out how much time you can invest each day/week/month in updating content and promoting posts on social media sites. 

You also need to consider other startup expenses such as buying domain names, hosting fees, photography equipment, etc…

Start building relationships with brands and companies early

One of the most effective ways to grow a fashion blog in India is by partnering with companies and brands

This means sending out style inquiries, reaching out to PR reps, signing up for brand newsletters, etc… 

In order to stay relevant as a blogger, you need your audience’s attention! 

Building relationships early on will give you access to the latest products from big-name brands before anyone else gets them.

Start Making Money from Your Fashion Blog in India

The fashion blogosphere is a huge and growing space filled with the passion of creative bloggers who want to share their fashion sense or help others find fashion inspiration.

People on all ends of the financial spectrum are starting fashion blogs, whether it is for fun or as part of an actual business strategy. 

If you are interested in making money from your own personal style blog in India, here are some ideas that may work well for you! 

1). Display Ads Using Google AdSense 

Google AdSense is an easy way to make money from your blog without having to sell any of the products you’re featuring. 

Ads are generally served based on contextual targeting or geographic location, so they can be very effective if done well! 

Keep in mind that some advertisers may not want their ads placed next to “mature” content – this includes anything with cursing and nudity (so don’t forget about those tags). 

When placing Google ads on your site, it’s important to remember never to place them above or below your posts where people will accidentally click them. 

Ads should also always look like part of the website rather than something separate. 

This means using colors that match the design elements already used by the blogger as well as making sure the ad doesn’t look like a banner advertisement.

There are also some things to keep in mind when it comes to making money from your fashion blog with Google AdSense: 

  • Ads may not be appropriate for young readers of certain demographics, so make sure all of the ads that you place on your site are age-appropriate and safe for work! 
  • Do not overuse any type of monetization on your blog as this can cause problems both for visitors/readers and advertisers alike. People don’t want to see too many advertisements or they will start ignoring them or even leave the page entirely. This is bad news for everyone involved – including yourself! Just try one form of advertising at first (such as an affiliate button) until you know how it goes. 
  • Keep in mind that ads may not be appropriate for all posts on your blog, so try to have a balance of content with and without advertisements. Again – this is important if you’re trying to build trust with readers! 

2). Affiliate Marketing 

Another way to make money from your fashion blog in India is through affiliate marketing or referral links. 

Affiliate marketing is when you sign up with a brand that sells products online and then receives monetary compensation every time someone purchases the items using your special link – this helps support your site! 

It can be really helpful for bloggers in India who are trying to monetize their sites but don’t have enough traffic yet to place ads on everything they publish. 

When it comes down to it, people want results (in terms of sales) rather than just an ad for something else so try steering clear of too much advertising initially if possible.

Using affiliate links is different from displaying Google AdSense in several ways: 

  • Affiliate programs tend not to go above and beyond what you need, so they may not have the best design or be that helpful in terms of content. 
  • Affiliate links are difficult to track over time because many affiliate marketing programs run on a monthly basis rather than all at once. This can make it challenging to know which month had increased sales and how much you made from them! It’s usually easier for bloggers who use AdSense since everything is tracked through one account with Google Analytics

If you are trying to monetize your fashion blog by using affiliate links, here are some things worth keeping in mind: 

  • Make sure that any products being advertised are relevant enough that someone might actually buy them – this means only promoting affiliates with items similar people would want/need (such as clothes, beauty products, accessories), not just random things that will never get used. 
  • It’s also important to remember that you are responsible for your content – this means always disclosing any affiliate links being used on the site so that readers aren’t misled into thinking they’re non-sponsored posts! While many bloggers don’t think it’s necessary to do so because of FTC guidelines, disclosure is still a good idea in case something goes wrong later down the line or someone doesn’t agree with how an ad was being displayed. 
  • Affiliate marketing can be beneficial if done correctly but it’s definitely more difficult than using ads since everything has to be tracked manually (with Google Analytics) and there isn’t one singular account like AdSense. If you’re looking for a more hands-off way to make money from your fashion blog, this probably isn’t the best option – it can be quite time-consuming.

3). Brand Promotions

Another way to make money from your fashion blog in India is by promoting a brand or product in order to receive monetary compensation, free items/services, and other perks. 

This type of monetization may be best suited for bloggers who have been blogging for a while since it can take some time before you’re able to build up enough relationships with brands that they might want to work with you! 

In fact, many big-name companies outsource their blogger outreach so even if you think there’s no chance in sight for this kind of thing – keep trying! It never hurts (just takes lots of time!)

If working on collaborations interests you at all then here are two tips: 

  • Try reaching out to small businesses first instead of corporations since the requirements/responsibilities usually aren’t as extensive and it’s easier to get started. 
  • Always follow FTC guidelines when working on a brand collaboration! This means the blogger sharing the information about this type of monetization needs to be as transparent as possible so that readers understand they’re reading an ad.

Even if you don’t think it is necessary, disclosure is always better than having something backfire later down the line because someone wasn’t aware of what was going on (even though your intentions were good!).

4). Build an Instagram Following

If you’re interested in building up your fashion blog in India through social media then Instagram is definitely one of the best ways to go! 

Not only does it seem like every person on Twitter has an account but it is also known as a great place for fashion bloggers in India to promote their work. 

Plus, there are tons of opportunities out there that allow you to make money from simply posting pictures – no need for ads or anything else complicated (unless you want them)!

As with any type of monetization, becoming successful with this method takes time so don’t expect results overnight! 

Also keep in mind that choosing how much effort is involved here will depend on what kind of photos/videos you post and if they include promotional material since everything needs to be disclosed properly so your followers are aware it’s an ad.

It’s always important to consider how much work is involved with any form of monetization before choosing one over another so hopefully these tips will help! 

Remember that there are tons of ways bloggers around the world are making money through their fashion blogs and all you have to do is choose what works best for you. 

Also remember that advertising may not be right for every fashion blogger, which makes affiliate marketing an excellent alternative if ads aren’t really feasible or relevant anymore at some point in the future (for example)! 


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