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No. 1 Guide To Hostinger Affiliate in India

Affiliate programs have evolved as a popular marketing tactic in India to address this issue. Instead of selling things directly, firms collaborate with affiliates who promote their offerings through numerous Internet channels.

Affiliate marketing allows affiliates to earn commissions by referring customers to products, while businesses gain from the sales.

According to one study, 63% of shoppers aged 18 to 34 trust influencers more than brand marketing when purchasing a product online. With this in mind, the affiliate marketing business is an excellent way to supplement your income.

If you’re seeking lucrative web hosting affiliate programs to generate passive cash, Hostinger Affiliate is an excellent choice.

Hostinger affiliate

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Hostinger is a popular web hosting company with over 29 million customers worldwide. It provides great hosting features at reasonable pricing. It also gives out large commissions to its associates. That’s why so many affiliate marketers and bloggers advocate web hosting services.

So, if you want to make more money with the Hostinger affiliate program, this article is meant for you.

Who can use Hostinger’s affiliate program? 

Hostinger’s affiliate program is a versatile solution for businesses and brands of all types. Website creators, small businesses, and bloggers can all benefit from this program. 

I). Website creators can market Hostingers’ services, including cloud hosting and other web hosting services, to their customer base, building trust and expertise. 

II). Small businesses can use the program to generate extra income, as they may have other small businesses following their growth and website. 

III). Bloggers can also benefit from the program, as their posts can inspire others to start their online blogs or websites. By promoting Hostingers’ web services, small businesses can benefit from the support and resources they need to succeed in their online ventures.

Products You can promote for the Hostinger Affiliate Program

Although renowned for its exceptional web hosting services, promoting only that facet as an affiliate would limit your potential. Hostinger offers a plethora of products that you can advocate to your audience.

Take for instance their free trial, a fantastic opportunity that your audience can seize. You have a wide array of alternatives to endorse, including the following services and products:

a). Web Hosting Services: 

Under this umbrella, you can promote various features like VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and shared hosting. Business owners make up a significant chunk of your audience, whom you can appeal to with this service.

b). Domain Names: 

With an extensive selection of domain name extensions, your audience will have no trouble finding the perfect fit; this is an ideal product to promote to them. A unique domain name can amplify the credibility and visibility of a website or brand.

c). Website Builders:

 For individuals keen on building a website from the ground up, Hostinger’s tool is an efficient solution that you can endorse. This service is a must-have in today’s world, whether your audience comprises of bloggers or entrepreneurs.

d). Email Hosting: 

Efficiently managing emails is crucial for businesses, which is why Hostinger’s email hosting is an excellent product to promote. Help your audience create email lists and improve their email management with this service.

e). SSL Certificates: 

As a vital aspect of website security, promoting Hostinger’s SSL certificates to your audience will encourage them to secure their online ventures. Be it starting a new website or improving an existing one, these certificates are critical.

How to Generate Income Using the Hostinger Affiliate Program

To thrive within the Hostinger affiliate program, it is crucial to adhere to all regulations set forth by the company. Although setbacks may occur, there exist strategies that can lead to triumph, as well as methods to avoid failure.

1. Utilize at Least One of Hostinger’s Products

By incorporating Hostinger’s products into your endeavors, you possess a valid justification for promoting them. Your audience will feel more inclined to utilize your affiliate link when making purchases, as they perceive your promotion as an endorsement of something useful. Consequently, when you use and endorse a product, your audience will develop trust in your recommendations, making them more likely to explore your other affiliated links.

2. Engage with Your Audience

Merely sharing links or infrequently communicating with your audience is insufficient. Engaging with your audience via comments and other interactive methods will elevate the ranking of your posts on Google’s search engine. As a result, more individuals will come across your affiliate link and opt to purchase Hostinger’s products through your recommendation.

3. Disclose Your Affiliation

Terms and conditions set by affiliate programs necessitate the inclusion of an affiliate link disclosure. This practice ensures transparency with your audience, demonstrating your commitment to adhering to all regulations.

When your audience perceives you as forthright regarding your promotion of Hostinger’s products, they will place more trust in your recommendations. As the adage goes, individuals tend to purchase from those they trust. By avoiding any deceptive practices and instead emphasizing openness, you will experience significantly greater success.

4. Frequent Mention of Hostinger

Regardless of your specific business or website, it is essential to frequently discuss Hostinger and its range of products. Striking the balance between promoting Hostinger sufficiently without overwhelming your audience is key to maintaining the company’s relevance in their minds.

When your various platforms regularly feature Hostinger, your audience will be more inclined to make purchases through your affiliate link.

How To Join Hostinger Affiliate Program Application [Step-by-Step Guide]

Applying for the Hostinger affiliate program is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to successfully submit your application:

Step One: Begin by visiting the official Hostinger website and locating the affiliate program link.

Step Two: Upon clicking this link, you will be directed to the affiliate application. Take your time to fill it out with detailed information.

Step Three: Once you are satisfied with your application, submit it and await Hostinger’s review and approval.

Step Four: If your application is approved, you will receive an email containing your unique affiliate link.

Pros of Hostinger affiliate program

Here are the advantages that individuals interested in enrolling in the Hostinger affiliate program can capitalize on:

1). Impressive Conversion Rates: 

Hostinger’s affiliate program boasts an exceptional rate of converting leads into customers. Affiliates can enjoy a commission rate of 60%, which surpasses that of other products, resulting in a higher return on investment.

2). Earnings Based on Commission: 

By referring customers to the company, affiliates have the opportunity to earn a significant percentage of Hostinger’s revenue.

3). Extensive Product Line:

 Hostinger’s affiliate program presents a wide array of products to promote, further amplifying both your return on investment and overall earnings.

4). Reliable and Timely Payments: 

With the Hostinger affiliate program, there is no need to fret about the timing of your payments. The program ensures regular and consistent payouts to affiliates.

5). Superior Affiliate Support: 

Upon joining the affiliate program, individuals gain access to a dependable support team. This team is readily available to address any inquiries, comments, or concerns you may have.

Cons of the Hostinger affiliate program

Hostinger’s affiliate program, while it has many attractive aspects, does have a few drawbacks that are worth considering:

1. Non-Recurring Commission: 

Unlike some other affiliate programs, Hostinger does not provide recurring commissions for customers who return. Instead, you will only receive a one-time payment for each customer you refer.

2. Limited Marketing Materials:

 Hostinger’s marketing materials are minimal compared to other programs. This can make it more challenging for affiliates to effectively promote their products and generate income.

3. Geo-Restrictions: 

Hostinger’s affiliate program may not be available to everyone due to geographical restrictions. Unfortunately, they do not provide details regarding the specific regions where these restrictions apply.

4. Lack of Affiliate Management: 

Unlike certain programs that offer dedicated managers to assist with marketing efforts, Hostinger does not provide this feature. Affiliates will need to rely on their resources and expertise.

5. Stringent Terms and Conditions: 

While most affiliate programs have terms and conditions in place, Hostinger’s tend to be considerably strict. It is important to thoroughly understand and comply with these terms to maintain a successful partnership.

Hostinger Affiliate Programs Alternatives

#1.A2 Hosting:

This particular program stands out due to its ability to generate higher earnings compared to other programs. The commission rates vary between $85 and $140 per sale. Additionally, it offers a generous cookie length of three months, making it one of the longest-lasting cookies in this niche.

#2. Bluehost:

The Bluehost affiliate program differs significantly by offering its affiliates the opportunity to earn between $65 and $120 per sale, surpassing what Hostinger offers. However, there is a threshold of $100 that affiliates must reach before receiving payment. On the upside, Bluehost provides the convenience of paying affiliates through PayPal.

#3. HostGator:

Similar to Bluehost, HostGator guarantees a minimum commission of $65 per sale. However, their tiered system allows larger affiliates to earn even higher rates, up to $125 per sale. Hostinger, on the other hand, offers an array of payment methods including ACH, direct deposit, or PayPal for maximum convenience.

#4. GoDaddy:

In contrast, GoDaddy falls short when compared to the previously mentioned web hosting programs. With a commission rate of only 15%, it becomes challenging to earn a decent income unless customers purchase more expensive packages. The cookie length is 45 days, relatively average, but overall, it fails to rival Hostinger in any aspect.

Bottom Line

There are hundreds of web hosting affiliate programs in India. However, there are very few web hosts that provide outstanding hosting features. Hostinger is one of them.

So, if you want to promote an economical web host with high commissions, the Hostinger affiliate program is for you.


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