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Best Hosting Affiliate Programs in India

Last updated on November 30th, 2023 at 11:30 am

Are you looking to find avenues for earning extra cash from your website or blog in India? Signing up for hosting affiliate programs in India is a popular option.

Web hosting is one of the most lucrative sectors, with many hosting firms willing to pay hefty fees to gain new clients. 

Because of this, affiliate marketers rely heavily on them by running affiliate programs to increase their earnings.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a performance-based marketing channel that allows businesses to pay affiliates for promoting their goods and services.

Bloggers and website owners use these tools to generate revenue online. For all sold goods and services, affiliate networks pay commissions to their partners. 

What is an affiliate program?

Affiliates build websites or blogs to drive traffic and generate sales to get paid. Thus, affiliate marketers are active bloggers and competent marketers.

Each affiliate program offers its marketers a different incentive. The commission rate and bonuses from different programs are the key selling points. 

Web hosting affiliate programs are among the most profitable schemes in India.

How does affiliate marketing operate?

Before learning about the top hosting affiliate programs in India, it is essential for newbies to comprehend how affiliate marketing works.

An affiliate joins a platform and receives a special link for any product they decide to highlight on their website or blog.

How does affiliate marketing operate?

Cookies are used to track clicks on this link in order to determine whether the visitor makes a purchase.

If they do so within a predetermined time frame, the affiliate receives a set commission. For each platform, the commission rates are different.

Why choose hosting affiliate programs in India?

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs are hands down the exquisite avenues for earning cash with Affiliate Marketing. This is because the compensation rate is high and there is no pressure.

Why choose hosting affiliate programs in India?

Although, it’s important to take caution when selecting the best hosting affiliate programs in India. Pick the one that is reputable, easy to use, and offers a high commission instead of just the one that pays the highest.

There are numerous web hosting affiliate programs in India and throughout the world, and trusting any random program can have negative effects. Therefore it is more than simply “essential” to carefully review the program information before signing up.

As an affiliate marketer, you should always aim to abide by the principle of only promoting hosts you are comfortable with. You should only endorse web hosts that you have previously used and that has aided you with achieving something.

You shouldn’t promote a product if you don’t believe in it and don’t think it will benefit people.  

You can’t expect others to merely take your word for it until you actually understand the product, have used it successfully for yourself and can demonstrate it to your audience.

If you advertise a low-quality product, it reflects poorly on you. You risk losing the audience you fought so hard to cultivate.

The topmost hosting affiliate programs in India

#1. Bluehost Affiliate Program

The topmost hosting affiliate programs in India

Bluehost is one of the most popular and extensively used hosting options among bloggers, and it also offers quite high commissions to all of its affiliate promoters.

Every month, smart affiliate marketers earn hundreds of dollars in affiliate commissions from Bluehost alone. Bluehost has a big global network and more than 2 million customer base who use their web hosting services.

Bluehost is also quite a hit in India, and it has one of the top web hosting affiliate programs, with greater affiliate commissions of up to Rs.3,750.

Being a reputable web hosting company, affiliates find it easier to market their products to their viewers. Joining the Bluehost affiliate program is free, and members receive a ton of promotional materials.

Hence, this is a perfect option if you want to advertise a better hosting service while also making significant commissions.

When do you receive your commission as an affiliate?

You will get your commission 45 days following the end of the month in which the Qualifying Purchase is documented. 

Thereafter, between the sixteenth and the final day of the month, payments are processed and sent to all successful affiliates.

This implies that if you successfully complete a sale in January using one of your links, your commission will be paid between March 16th and March 31st. 

Before you are paid, you must reach a certain credit amount ($100).

Why is Bluehost’s hosting affiliate program in India so popular?

Unlimited earnings: The Bluehost affiliate program does not have a minimum or maximum earning threshold. Your commissions increase as you refer more successful signups.

Instant sign-up: Unlike other top affiliate programs, Bluehost offers free membership and gives you immediate access to your affiliate account so you can start marketing their products and making money.

Best tracking software: Bluehost provides one of the best systems in place to keep track of all your commissions and ensure that you get compensated for each successful referral. 

They employ sophisticated, customized technologies to ensure that you are always credited for each and every referral.

Additionally, you’ll have access to a huge selection of banners and advertisements that you may put on your website to advertise Bluehost and increase your affiliate earnings.

Also, Bluehost gives you access to a group of affiliate managers who may offer assistance, knowledge, and tailored guidance on raising your affiliate commission. 

For general questions, assistance, and other purposes, you can also contact them via email at [email protected].

#2. HostGator Affiliate Program

#2. HostGator Affiliate Program

Did you know that Bluehost and HostGator are both part of the same organization named EIG? (Endurance-International-Group).

Because of this, you’ll see a lot of overlap in the services, pricing, and other aspects of various hosting firms.

HostGator is a popular hosting service that is used by millions of individuals worldwide.

Hostgator’s affiliate program is one of the greatest web hosting affiliate programs in India, paying affiliate commissions of up to Rs.937 on its hosting packages.

As an affiliate, you can market Hostgator using tools such as text links, banner advertisements, and text emails.

The Hostgator affiliate program will be most effective for you if the majority of your material focuses on hosting, as the company does not offer affiliate commissions on other goods like domains, email, or SSL.

HostGator affiliate commission rate?

For each successful referral, HostGator offers performance-based commissions with a maximum earning potential of $125.

Here is the potential profit from each sale.

  • 1–5 referrals $50 for each signup
  • 6–10 referrals $75 for each signup
  • 11-20 referrals $100 for each signup
  • over 21 referrals $125 for each signup

When do you receive your commission as an affiliate?

All HostGator commissions are validated at the end of each month, two months after the sale was sent. Following that, payments are sent during the first week of the following month. Before you are paid, your account must have a balance of at least $100.

If you made two transactions in January, for instance, they would be verified toward the end of March, and you would receive your $100 in the first week of April.

Why should you join the HostGator hosting affiliate program in India?

Monthly payments: With each successful sale you make, HostGator offers you monthly compensation via PayPal or check. Receiving monthly commission payouts encourages more people to start marketing their hosting affiliate programs in India. That is one of the reasons why most bloggers promote HostGator hosting plans.

No earnings limit: There is no restriction on how much you can make. The more sales you can make, the more cash you will earn. 

You’ll receive a wide range of banners that you can use to market HostGator web hosting plans successfully and raise your affiliate profits.

You will also have access to a devoted group of affiliate professionals who are constantly available to help you increase your commissions in India.

#3. Kinsta Affiliate Program

#3. Kinsta Affiliate Program

Kinsta is a high-end managed WordPress hosting provider that offers its WordPress hosting service to more than 24,000 users each month. They presently host clients from over 120 countries, including India. 

Being a Kinsta web host affiliate guarantees brand security and larger affiliate commissions. This is because the web hosting company pays its affiliates a commission ranging from $50 to $500 on each signup, depending on the hosting package selected. 

Moreover, you receive a 10% recurring affiliate commission.

These are their commission tiers, broken down.

  • Starting plan: $50 in commission for each sale
  • Pro plan: $100 in commission for each sale.
  • Business plan: $150 in commission for each sale
  • Enterprise Plan: $500 in commission for each sale

Each month, your PayPal account is credited with all of your Kinsta affiliate income.

Why go with the Kinsta hosting affiliate program in India?

60-day cookies: If you’ve been involved in affiliate marketing for a time, you might already be aware that the majority of website visitors convert straight away. 

There are many people who click on your affiliate links and subsequently purchase your affiliate products. The longer the cookie duration, the more commissions you can earn in this situation. 

The 60-day cookie window that Kinsta provides is more than adequate for you to increase sales.

Recurrent commissions for life: Kinsta is one of the very few hosting providers that offer lifetime recurring commissions. 

When someone purchases a hosting package from Kinsta through your affiliate links, you will receive a commission as well as a recurring commission for the lifetime of the customer.

Real-time tracking and banners: Via your affiliate dashboard, you can immediately see all the clicks, referrals, and commissions you received. 

To keep track of your recurring commissions, you can also discover who is downgrading and upgrading to Kinsta hosting plans. 

Also, you’ll have access to a variety of banners to advertise Kinsta’s hosting packages.

#4. A2 web hosting Affiliate Program

#4. A2 web hosting Affiliate Program

The A2 Web Hosting affiliate program may be for you if you’re looking for a web hosting affiliate program with a high commission rate and extended cookie tracking.

With a high compensation rate of $125 per signup and a cookie monitoring term of 90 days, it qualifies as one of the top hosting affiliate programs in India.

Whereas the 21 signups a month seems like a lot, you can still make $55 per signup by driving 1-10 sales every month.

Also, the A2 Web Hosting Affiliate Program permits deep linking so you may further tailor your audience’s experience.

Their commission structure is broken down as follows.

  • 1-10 sales: $55 per sale
  • 11-15 sales: $75 per sale
  • 16-20 sales: $100 per sale
  • 21 and more sales: $125 per sale

After 45 days, all active sales on A2 Hosting are approved, with a $100 minimum threshold requirement. You must wait until the next 15th of the month to receive payment. 

For instance, if on January 2nd you reach the $100 commission level, you will be paid on January 15th.

Why should you join the A2 Hosting affiliate program in India?

Up to $125 per sale: A2 Hosting provides you with up to $125 per sale, which is extremely wonderful. By recommending helpful hosting plans from A2 Hosting, you can also make significant monthly commission payments.

90 days cookie life: As a savvy affiliate marketer, you should always seek out and promote affiliate products that provide a longer cookie window.

 A2 hosting gives you a 90-day cookie life, which increases your chances of making money from customers who use your links to make purchases even after a considerable amount of time has passed.

A/B tested landing pages: A2 hosting offers pre-designed, A/B-tested landing pages that you can use to promote their hosting plans and boost your overall affiliate commission.

#5. WP Engine Affiliate Program

#5. WP Engine Affiliate Program

WP Engine is a managed WordPress hosting company that pays all of its affiliate marketers one of the highest commission rates. 

It gives a fantastic commission rate of $200 per sale and up to $13,975 in commissions for 60 transactions in a month. Joining is completely free.

WP Engine has the longest cookie tracking period, 180 days, and provides alluring rewards for hitting predetermined goals. 

The more expensive hosting plans offered by WP Engine are primarily targeted toward established companies, agencies, and enterprises. 

WP Engine’s affiliate program may be a good fit if your goal is to earn a high revenue through web host affiliate marketing in India. You must also be a competent affiliate marketer in order to profit from the WP Engine affiliate program.

WP Engine also has a two-tier affiliate scheme, so you can get paid even for referring customers through other affiliates.

The amazing thing about advertising WP-Engine hosting is that you may make extra bonus commissions even if you only refer 5 people each month.

You can earn the following breakdown of bonus commissions.

5 sales per month $1,000 (in commission)  $100 (bonus), making the total commission: $1,100

10 sales per month $2,100 (in commission)  $250 (bonus), making the total commission $2,350.

25 sales per month $5,350 (in commission) $625 (bonus) making the total commission is: $5,975

40 sales per month $8,975 (in commission) $1,000 (bonus) making the total commission is: $9,975

60 sales per month $13,975 (in commission) $1,500 (bonus) making the total commission is: $15,475

Why is WP Engine among the best hosting affiliate programs in India?

Promotional tools and incredible incentives: WP Engine has pre-designed banners, email copy, and text links that may be used to advertise its hosting services on your website for maximum visibility and improved conversion rates. 

Also, WP Engine offers outstanding incentive bonus commissions that begin at 5 monthly sales.

Ultimate cookie window: WP Engine has an industry-leading cookie lifespan of 180 days. This enables the crediting of your commission up to 180 days following the initial click.

Make even for sub-affiliates: Another compelling reason to begin advertising WP Engine hosting plans is the opportunity to earn $50 for each customer referred by your sub-affiliates. 

#6. Hostinger Affiliate Program

#6. Hostinger Affiliate Program

Hostinger is one of the most popular web hosts in the world, hosting over 29 million websites. It also pays out large commissions, with a 60% income split for each successful sale. 

It is easier to recommend Hostinger as a web host because it is a reputable company with a strong online brand. 

The Hostinger hosting affiliate program is free to join, but in order to market your web host affiliate, you must have a website or a YouTube channel.

You will receive your commissions after 45 days. You must submit a request to [email protected] in order to collect your affiliate commission.

Why is Hostinger among the most popular hosting affiliate programs in India?

Affordable hosting: Hostinger is among the most cost-effective web hosts, with monthly prices starting at just $1.27. Also, you can increase sales by giving your clients Hostinger discount codes.

Instant signup: The greatest feature of Hostinger’s affiliate program is how simple it is to set up. Joining is simple and cost-free.

Personal affiliate account manager: You will get access to a personal affiliate account manager who can assist you in increasing sales. 

You can collaborate with them to promote their host, raise your sales, and improve conversion rates.


When it comes to Best Hosting Affiliate Programs in India, there are several options. However, picking one from among the countless options is not an easy task. 

This article has selected the top cream of the best in the industry. It is undoubtedly intended to assist you in getting things started. 

You can visit the dedicated websites to learn more.

You can also join our affiliate program here.


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