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How To Get an SSL Certificate GoDaddy In India

In a wild internet space, website security must be upheld using the best tools like the SSL certificate GoDaddy in India. The essence of an SSL certificate is to authenticate the ownership of a website as well as encrypt information being transmitted from one point to another. 

You need to read on to find out more about SSL certificates and understand how crucial it is for you to have one installed on your website.

Since 2014, Google has played a big part in curbing cybercrime. One of the ways they have adopted is by taking stringent measures to ensure all website owners have an SSL certificate. 

To do this, they rank certified websites higher on search results. At the same time, they have made it easier on how one can point out the unsecured sites. Browsers like Chrome highlight  “Not Secure” just before the website link on the address bar for unprotected sites.

How then do you know if a site is secured? All secured web pages have visual indicators. Highlighted below are the common indicators as seen on various browsers.

  •  Most of the browsers display a padlock icon. The icon can be located in different places depending on the browser.  
  • The website address starts with HTTPS instead of HTTP
  • The address bar turns green and/or a security seal displays
  • The SSL certificate provides a warning when a page is not secure

Information Found On an SSL Certificate

A crowded internet space would not lack malicious users in the form of fraudsters selling fake SSL certificates. They aim to camouflage among the legit SSL certificates and trick unsuspecting site visitors to gain traffic and earn undeserved income.

However, SSL GoDaddy in India has some great pointers to help you distinguish between a fake and legit SSL certificate. You will find the following information on a legit SSL certificate:

  • Certificate serial number and expiration date
  • Copy of the certificate holder’s public key
  • Certificate holder’s name
  • The digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority

Choosing the SSL certificate GoDaddy in India will protect you from the headaches of conmen selling fake security solutions. Among the vast advantages you will benefit from using GoDaddy SSL certificates include:

  • Builds your brand and improves customer trust
  • Your site gets a higher ranking on Google and other search engines 
  • GoDaddy SSL certificates are browser-trusted and have the world’s strongest encryption

Types of SSL Certificates

There are three types of SSL certificates existing today; they are highlighted below. Their encryption levels are similar with the difference being in the vetting and verification process of acquiring one.

  1. Domain Validation (DV)

Obtaining the DV SSL is perhaps the most straightforward process you will have as compared to the other two. The Certificate Authority only checks if the applicant has the right to use a specific domain name.

You do not need to submit any company identity. Consequently, the security seal only displays the encryption information. 

As much as you are sure that your information is encrypted, you may not be able to know who is at the receiving end of that information. 

The DV SSL shares the same browser recognition as OV SSL provides a lot of value for your site and is issued almost immediately without a lot of paperwork. 

This makes it ideal for businesses that need a low-cost SSL quickly. 

  1. Extended Validation (EV)

The Certificate Authority (CA) verifies the right of the applicant to use a specific domain name and conducts a comprehensive vetting of the organization. 

This type of SSL certificate provides one of the most advanced technology since its initial inception  The CA verifies the following before issuing a certificate. 

  • The legal, physical and operational existence of the entity
  • The entity has authorised the issuance of the EV SSL certificates
  • The identity of the entity matches the official records
  • The entity has exclusive rights to use the specified domain in the EV SSL certificate

The EV SSL can be used by both businesses and government entities. To ensure the integrity of the issuance process, the Certificate Authority audits the EV SSL certificates annually.

  1. Organizational Validation (OV)

To obtain an OV SSL, the Certificate Authority checks the right of the applicant to use a specific domain name and vets the organization. The organization’s name and some company information are displayed for the customers when they click the Secure Site Seal giving elaborate visibility in who is behind the site. As a result, this builds the customer’s trust and can safely conduct transactions on such a site. 

GoDaddy SSL 

It is high time we get you a GoDaddy SSL certificate that will keep your site inaccessible from malicious hands on the internet.  

There are two ways you can use to install SSL Certificate GoDaddy in India. You can either install it yourself or get a managed SSL. 

Common Features for GoDaddy SSL Certificates

  • Removes Not Secure warning from browsers
  • It is available in DV, OV, and EV SSL certificates
  • Strong SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption
  • 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited 24/7 world-class customer service
  • Secure site Trustmark increases customer confidence
  • Valid for 1 year. For subscriptions beyond one year, they reissue the certificate before the expiration date. 

Here are the three plans you can choose from depending on the number of your websites:

I. Standard protection

At only $63.99 for the first year, you can protect one domain. The renewal cost is $94.99 for the second year.


This plan protects up to 5 domain names at $159.99 for the first year and the renewal cost as from the second year is $249.99.

III. Wildcard SSL 

Wildcard SSL protects one domain and a limitless number of subdomains. This package is favorable for large websites. The subscription cost goes for $295.99 for the first year and $449.99 for the subsequent years. 

Below is a summary of the pricing for all the GoDaddy SSL certificates. 

Certificate GoDaddy In India

In Conclusion

SSL certificate GoDaddy in India is the way to go for your website security needs. You not only get protection from the best in the market but you also get it at discounted prices and benefit from their supportive team of experts for all your needs. Make sure you click here to check out their incredible offers.  


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