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A Guide to Start and Monetize a Blog in India (Under 6 Months)

Last updated on July 5th, 2024 at 10:55 am

Most people wait for so long in their blogging career to achieve success when it’s possible within 6 months.

Well, would you like to start a blog and make money from it in 6months? 

This article provides a step-by-step guide on creating and monetizing your blog in India within 6 months.

But first, let’s understand what blogging success exactly means in India.

Starting and Monetizing a Blog in India

Blogging in India

Blogging is one of the most remarkable careers in which you can make a decent income. 

In blogging, you can write about whatever you’re passionate about, including politics, technology, cookery, and other topics, and get paid for it. 

Since 2005, blogging has grown in popularity in India. Working from home was previously only thought of as a part-time alternative, and it was not regarded as acceptable in Indian culture. 

Starting and Monetizing a Blog in India

Recently, several people have adopted blogging as their primary profession and are making excellent money while doing what they love. 

Being a blogger is not an easy job; one must always research the newest software, technology, and other things.

The most popular blogging niches in India are in the fields of technology, money, cricket, Bollywood, politics, and journalism. 

Some of the key elements that enable bloggers to generate sizable incomes are brand promotion, effective tool use, and influence marketing. 

There are many successful bloggers in India, but I will only mention a few elite bloggers below.

Blogging success stories from India

#1. Amit Agarwal

Blogging success stories from India

He is one of the most well-known bloggers in India. He is an IT expert who completed his computer science degree from IIT Roorkee and started working at Goldman Sachs. 

Later in 2004, he quit his job and began a new career as a blogger. He published blogs on his website about technology how-to guides and other blogs related to technology. 

He became one of India’s earliest established professional bloggers, and his blogs have achieved great success. 

Affiliate marketing is the main avenue he uses to generate income from blogs. He also writes for several publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, India Today, and CNBC TV18. 

His monthly earnings are roughly $60,000.

#2. Shraddha Sharma

Blogging success stories from India

Shraddha Sharma is one of India’s most outstanding female bloggers. She is the founder of “Your Story,” a well-known media website. 

She formerly worked for CNBC TV18 and Times of India. Although she currently resides in Bangalore, she is originally from Patna. 

She launched her website in 2008 and has since written about 15,000 articles there, quickly rising to fame and fortune. 

She has 1.6 million Facebook fans and is one of the top 500 global influencers on Linked In. Over 1500 young entrepreneurs have signed up on Shraddha’s website Your Story, the top platform for entrepreneurs. 

Her articles are currently the best place to learn about startups in India. AdSense is her main source of income. 

Shraddha Sharma earns around $30,000 each month from her blog.

#3. Harsh Agarwal

#3. Harsh Agarwal

He is a brilliant young Indian blogger who operates from out of Delhi. He is an engineer by profession, and prior to beginning his blogging career in 2008, he was employed by Convergys. 

His website, ShoutMeLoud, has a great deal of traffic, receiving roughly 1.5 million site traffic every day. 

His articles cover topics like setting up a blog, search engine optimization (SEO), beginning a business, using social media to advertise a product or service, affiliate marketing, and the finest web hosting services. 

These topics are highly beneficial for those who are just starting out in the blogging industry. 

He also owns numerous additional websites, including Shout Me Tech, WP Sutra, WPHostingDiscount, and CoinSutra. His main source of income is affiliate marketing. 

His monthly earnings are projected to be $52,434.

How to achieve success through blogging in India within 6 months

This is a detailed and strategized guide on starting a blog in India, monetizing it, and achieving success within 6 months of blogging.

Within that period, you will not make the exact amount the experts are making, but you’ll be somewhere on that path. After all, it took most of them several years to reach the big numbers.

Anyone can create a blog that makes money, but it takes a pro strategist to make a substantial amount of earnings. You only need to figure out the strategy itself. 

What did the pros do differently?

This article shows you exactly that. The secret to making more with blogging.

In addition, persistence, resilience, and determination will definitely get you there. 

That having been said, let’s start already!

Step 1: Identify your niche (1 week)

A niche is a specialized or narrowly defined portion of a larger market.

A niche is, to put it simply, a “subject” you plan to cover on your blog. Choose a sizeable niche that is neither too large nor too small.

The most common mistake of beginners is choosing a broad niche.

What happens if you choose a broad topic for your blog? You can’t possibly outrank the trusted websites in that niche. Hence, if you’re in a broad niche, it will be quite tough for you to drive traffic and make money.

How to achieve success through blogging in India within 6 months

For this reason, you should choose a “narrow enough niche” that Solely focuses on a single subject and produce outstanding material about it.

The most profitable niches are those that offer practical solutions.

Therefore be sure to identify a niche that is both lucrative and addresses the issues of your target market.

Examples include blogs about food, fashion, travel, lifestyle, home decor, fitness, beauty and cosmetics, finance, and technology, among others.

There are two important considerations to ask yourself when deciding on the niche for your blog.

1. Which topic am I good at and enjoy learning and writing about?

If you don’t enjoy the subject, it will come out in your writing. If you don’t genuinely enjoy writing about what you do, don’t even start a blog.

Whatever subject you choose, you must be passionate about it and naturally fascinated by it.

If not, you’ll quickly run out of creative ideas. All momentum you had at the beginning will be lost.

Most significantly, you won’t be capable of consistently providing content that will grow your audience.

If you’re still confused, consider the subjects on which people ask you for opinions. What advice do your friends and family seek from you? You’ll be able to pinpoint your areas of competence with just a little effort.

2. Are others interested in it and willing to pay for it?

You can do a quick Google search to see how many people are interested in your niche.

Choosing a specialty can be difficult or feel constrained, but in the long run, it will help you establish more credibility. 

You can certainly discuss other topics, but make sure your main focus is consistent and sufficiently detailed to capture readers’ interest and persuade them to keep reading. 

There are rare cases when you can employ strategies to make a huge sum of money in a very short period. This is called event niche blogging and the targeted period is a day, week, or month where you have very high traffic. 

Unfortunately, that is all it is. After that period the blog will lose traffic. Hence, before starting make a decision to gain instant money or build long-term wealth. 

Step 2: Set up your blog (1-2 weeks)

Here, is where you do the actual starting of your blogging site. To reach success swiftly but gradually (in 6 months) in your blogging, your need to ensure the blogging site looks like success by itself. 

Step 2: Set up your blog (1-2 weeks)

That means you have to be intentional with the way you present your brand. 

From choosing a blog name, and the hosting provider to themes and colors. They all contribute to your blogging success and are part of the 6 months milestones to the success of your blog in India.

Choose a memorable domain name that matches your niche

Readers will first see your blog’s name, hence, it should ideally reflect the broad subjects you plan to write about. Alternatively, it could be your name, the name of your company, clever wordplay, or something else entirely.

You want visitors to type the domain name of your blog accurately and remember it. Therefore, choosing a proper domain name is crucial.

You could use relevant keywords. Using pertinent keywords in your domain name makes it simpler for users to find your website in search engines like Google and quickly understand what you do. 

As a result, strive to use keywords that accurately describe your blog.  For instance,

Also, try using blog name generators if you’re running out of ideas or want a FASTER way to come up with outstanding domain name ideas.

There are a few of them that you can use without spending any money, like Quick Domain Search, Panabee, Name Mesh, Domain Typer, or Lean Domain Search.

Additionally, ensure that the domain extension you use is suitable. TLDs (Top-Level Domains) are also referred to as domain extensions, which are suffixes. Examples of these domain extensions include .com, .net, and .org. 

The most common domain extension is .com, but due to high demand, it can be very challenging to secure a short and sweet .com domain.

A .in extension is a wise option if you want to establish a blog in India and cater to an Indian audience. This is because it lets readers know where your site is physically located.

Select a reliable web hosting provider

The next step in creating a blog is to actually put it online. That is where a web hosting service provider comes in handy. At this part, you’ll choose the blogging platform and web hosting package you’ll use to launch your blog.

A web hosting company gives you access to storage space on a web server where a website can keep its contents, including images, blog posts, audio files, videos, and other types of content.

There are numerous web hosting alternatives available in India, so it’s critical to compare them and find a cost-effective yet reliable option.

Some hosting providers, such as Hostinger, also include a free domain name with the purchase of a plan. That’s quite a deal!

Customize the style of your blog with a theme that goes with your brand

It’s a wise idea to install WordPress on your blog. You can’t start a blog without blogging software. WordPress is a popular option because it’s simple to use, free, and effective.

If you opt to create a blog that is not hosted by WordPress, you will discover that it is far more expensive. WordPress has a variety of free plugins that enable you to customize your site in any way, shape, or form.

One of the most significant advantages of using Hostinger is how simple it is to install WordPress.

What’s more, Hostinger handles WordPress installation for you during the setup process. You don’t need to do anything to get it ready to use.

After installing WordPress on your blog, you’ll immediately discover that it comes with a very simple theme.

You should upgrade from the default WordPress theme to something more appealing.

This is because first impressions are everything when it comes to the internet.

So, it is wiser to spend money on a premium WordPress theme if you want to create a profitable site in India.

There are plenty of free themes available online if you’re on a low budget, but it’s ideal to spend money on a high-quality theme.

Finally, install the essential WordPress plugins on your site.

There are WordPress plugins for anything from adding e-commerce functionality or contact forms to evaluating your content for SEO improvements or improving site security and performance.

Step 3: Create content that resonates with your audience (4-6 weeks)

As a beginner, you should always strive to create evergreen content, so that each piece remains relevant for years to come.

Unless you’re doing event blogging.

Step 3: Create content that resonates with your audience (4-6 weeks)

If you examine any well-known blog, you’ll discover only top-notch content. No matter how well your website is designed, if the content is awful, no one will read it. That’s all there is to it.

How can you then produce fantastic content that increases traffic and helps your new venture be a success within 6 months of blogging?

Here are some TESTED strategies for producing top-notch content in any niche:

1. Review the content of your competitors: Discovering the top-performing pieces on your competitors’ websites is the best method to develop amazing content. 

With the use of tools like Semrush, you can quickly examine the content of any competition site and identify both its greatest content and the keywords driving the most traffic.

2. Try posting longer posts: A  blog’s popularity can increase easily once you start writing articles that are 2000 to 4000 words or longer. This is because Google and other search engines always favor long-form content. 

In order to increase search engine traffic, it is advisable to write longer articles that focus on low-competition keywords.

3. Develop SEO-friendly content: SEO-friendly content is the art of generating material for both search engines and your website’s audience. 

The easiest method to achieve it is to choose the appropriate keywords, produce material that is interesting to your audience, and then optimize it by targeting several keywords in each article.

In any niche you choose, don’t forget to focus on long-tail keywords.

Step 4: Promote your blog (2-3 weeks)

On the internet, traffic is like currency. Learn how to generate organic traffic if you want to start blogging in India and monetize it. There are no alternatives!

Step 4: Promote your blog (2-3 weeks)

99% of new bloggers abandon their blogs due to one factor: a lack of internet traffic.

Although you can immediately start generating viewers for your blog using Facebook or Google ads, most new bloggers don’t have enough money to invest in advertisements.

Here are some of the greatest free strategies for increasing traffic to your new blog in India.

1. Leave thoughtful comments on other blogs in your niche.

2. Write guest posts for others to build backlinks.

3. Repurpose your content by converting your blog posts into eBooks, checklists, infographics, videos, slides, audio files, etc.

4. Use Facebook groups to network with other bloggers.

5. Write on Quora regularly.

6. Use long-tail keywords while creating new posts.

7. Use social bookmarking sites like Folkd, Reddit, Digg, BizSugar, etc.

Step 5: Monetize your blog (2-3 months)

Is it actually feasible for a beginner to generate income from a brand-new blog?

Yes, of course. But in order to make money from a new blog, you must choose the correct monetization tactics.

Step 5: Monetize your blog (2-3 months)

Here are the top 3 tested strategies to start earning money from blogging within 6 months in India.

1. Market affiliate products

Affiliate marketing is one of the finest techniques if you’re seeking passive income streams so you can earn money from your site even while you’re asleep.

To begin promoting affiliate products, you must find the top affiliate programs. You will receive a commission for each sale made using your affiliate links.

When marketing affiliate products, always remember to include an affiliate link disclaimer because it’s required by law and it also helps you establish credibility with your audience.

2. Offer services

You could also get paid for services like:

1. Freelance writing services

2. Web design services

3. SEO services

3. Use Google AdSense

Google AdSense is another well-liked way for beginning bloggers to make money from their blogs.

With the help of Google AdSense, you can place advertisements on your blog and get money when people click them.

After your blog begins receiving a respectable amount of traffic, you can start running advertisements to get money for each visitor that clicks on AdSense ads.


After going through this entire process to achieve success for your blogging site in India, it’s always wise to analyze your results and adjust your strategy. 

This will help you going forward to make sure you keep growing your site.

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