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#7 Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing in India

If you have already decided to start affiliate marketing in India, you need to know the best niche in India.

The goal is to find the easiest route to a successful venture in affiliate marketing in India, by identifying the excelling areas as well as the most promising ones.

You want to specialize in a niche that is already making success for affiliates and stable enough to keep supporting your hustle. 

Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing in India

There are others as well that are growing so rapidly and promising of even better tomorrow in the industry of affiliate marketing in India.

However, ‘best’ is relative. That is why I have considered all aspects and proof of success to develop a very scrutinized list of India’s top affiliate marketing niches.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of established competitors in India’s large niches who you probably wouldn’t dare attempt to compete with.

The good news is that there are many sub-niches or hobby-based niches that are much less cutthroat. These are the markets where even the smallest businesses can dominate search engines and generate income from their websites.

Why is the niche important in affiliate marketing in India?

In affiliate marketing, a niche—a specialized market segment—means that you must use a specific consumer base to market a small number of affiliate products. 

The term ‘specific’ refers to people who have the same traits, requirements, preferences, and demographics and are willing to pay the same amount.

Your niche is the most essential factor in affiliate marketing success.

Why is the niche important in affiliate marketing in India?

Focusing on a particular niche, both a macro-niche and a micro-niche, is a wise move for a number of reasons:

1. A well-defined target audience

It is impossible to be successful whilst also chasing all customers in India. 

Working with a particular niche enables you to clearly define your target market’s demographics, geographic location, interests, preferences, and purchasing patterns. 

Your prospects of converting site visitors into devoted clients are enhanced the more your audience is categorized and understood.

2. Strategy and planning

Affiliate marketing has the potential to grow into a full-time business that makes a respectable profit; as a result, strategic planning is essential. 

If you work with a particular niche, you don’t have to come up with a new topic every time.

You can develop and adhere to a content plan that is in line with your strategic objective.

3. Improved SEO

The Internet has always been a crowded and noisy place. Almost nobody ever looks past the first page of Google search results. 

Because of this, you must ensure that your website can be quickly found on the first page of search results. With a sound approach and SEO content plan, it is feasible.

Moreover, optimizing for micro-niche blogs requires less work, time, and money and can quickly increase the authority of your page and site.

4. Authenticity and expertise

One cannot be an authority in every field. 

Consumers like to read and follow subject matter experts, particularly those who are willing to purchase a certain product or service.

Every blog article you create in your niche strengthens its authority, elevating your work to a new level. Due to your expertise, you can charge more.

Also, by having a strong knowledge of the industry and being well-known, you can work with other experts or influencers to expand the scope of your products or services.

To summarize, pick a niche and stick to it.

Which niche is the best for affiliate marketing in India?

#1. Technology Niche

Technological advancements are occurring everywhere these days. Tech enthusiasts are searching for a single location where they can find all the newest tech news and updates in order to stay up to date.

Which niche is the best for affiliate marketing in India?

People all over and in India enjoy using the newest apps and gadgets. You can also decide to concentrate on a certain set of gadgets or apps.

You can focus on marketing anything from headphones or productivity apps to VPNs and home security equipment.

Below are a few technology sub-niches:


Did you know that the global market for smartphones was estimated to be worth $270 billion in 2021 and that it is anticipated to increase to more than $520 billion by the year 2030?

Most people on the planet have access to smartphones. If you’re looking for a niche with immense annual growth, the smartphone niche is the one for you.

You can narrow down your smartphone specialty even more to:

  • Smartphone reviews
  • Smartphone comparisons
  • iPhone reviews
  • Android phone reviews
  • Deals on apple phones
  • Tips and tricks on using smartphones 

There are several advantages of the smartphone niche one of them being the availability of thousands of devices to market. Also, you can use affiliate marketing platforms like Amazon, and eBay, among others in India to get affiliate income.

Reviewing smartphones is simpler because you can outsource the content for reasonable rates.

In addition, you can get a lot of smartphones for free to review on your blog or YouTube channel if you establish yourself as an expert in the field of smartphone reviews.

The only disadvantage of the smartphone niche is the requirement for consistency and ongoing updates which can be difficult and stressful.


The VPN market is a multi-billion dollar one.

The global VPN industry is increasing at a 15.3% annual rate and is predicted to reach 87.1 billion dollars by 2027.

There are a ton of VPN products available for affiliates to sell online.

VPN micro-niche ideas include:

Streaming of sports events

Guidelines for using a VPN 

VPN deals and discounts 

Language-specific VPN 

Gaming VPN 

By marketing VPN services, you’re actually assisting consumers in securing their electronic devices, including smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, etc.

There are several VPN alternatives to promote, and the majority of them are completely free to sign up for.

The majority of VPN providers provide their affiliates with exclusive offers and discounts which ultimately help you with more sales.

However, because the VPN niche is so incredibly competitive, it can take a while to get search traffic.

Top VPN affiliate programs include NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and ZenMate VPN.

Home security gadgets

Millions of people consider their homes to be a secure haven. It’s where we all go to unwind and feel safe.

Yet, with the increase in house invasions and burglaries, the majority of people are feeling insecure. Because of this, homeowners are searching online for tips on how to keep their homes secure.

In the end, it has led to the rapid growth of the affiliate marketing niche for home security.

Bloggers that specialize in home security offer guidance on everything from installing security cameras to picking the best locks. 

Also, they discuss the most recent security gadgets to protect your house from burglaries and invasions.

Here are a few sub-niche ideas you might take into consideration if you’re interested in the home security niche;




Surveillance Video equipment

Video Doorbells


Doors Locks

#2. Webhosting Niche

Web hosting is a service that allows websites to store their website files on a storage server so they can be made visible online. 

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Web hosting is essential for any online business in order for their website to function on the internet. As a result, web hosting affiliate is a lucrative field for affiliate marketers.

So, the web hosting niche is a fantastic choice if you want to target customers who want to build a professional blog or website.

You can even make a lifetime earning from some of the best web hosting affiliate programs in India like Truehost.

When your referral purchases from Truehost, you can earn a 10% commission.

Also, you can make up to $100 from a single transaction, and even get paid weekly. And that’s not all.

The majority of Truehost products are recurring in nature, which necessitates that the customer renews them on a monthly or annual basis.

As a result, you will continuously earn commissions each time they renew.

The following are a few recommendations for web hosting micro-niches:

  • SSD-based hosting
  • Linux web hosting
  • Web hosting deals and discounts and savings
  • Coupons for web hosting
  • Cloud-based web hosting services
  • WordPress hosting
  • VPS hosting

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#3. Health and Fitness Niche

The health and fitness niche is a never-ending affiliate marketing opportunity in India and worldwide. 

As critical as it is to raise health awareness, more and more individuals are turning to the internet for advice on how to stay healthy and develop good workout routines.


Did you know that 39% of adults worldwide and 13% of adults worldwide are overweight?

The weight-loss industry is worth billions of dollars. It is anticipated to expand at a pace of 10.3% annually.

By 2025, the value of the worldwide health and fitness market is anticipated to exceed $7 trillion, making it a lucrative affiliate marketing niche. 

The health and fitness affiliate marketing program can be launched in a variety of smaller niches, such as vitamin supplements, weight loss, yoga, and workout programs, which have robust search volume.

Here are some ideas for the weight loss micro-niche:

  • Fat loss
  • Belly fat diet
  • Ketogenic diets
  • Atkins diet
  • Weight loss for men
  • Weight loss for women
  • Postpartum weight loss
  • Weight loss equipment
  • Weight loss for a wedding
  • Walking or cycling for weight loss
  • Body type weight goals

One advantage is that you learn so much about maintaining your physical fitness while instructing others.

But, the weight loss market is excessively competitive. You’ll frequently have to outperform reputable websites and popular brands. 

Yet, you may specialize in a sub-niche and establish yourself as the go-to authority on it, just as mentioned earlier.

#4. Fashion and Beauty Niche

We wouldn’t be talking about the best niche for affiliate marketing in India if we fail to mention fashion and beauty.

With the undeniable influence of celebrities and other public figures, beauty, and fashion is becoming a definition of status and elegance.

And since everyone wants to stand out, the industry is growing largely. Everyone is looking for trending fashion and beauty tips online.

#4. Fashion and Beauty Niche

People are searching for new products and beauty services on the internet.

It is no surprise the revenue in the beauty and personal care industry went up to over $528 billion in 2022. Furthermore, the market is anticipated to grow by 4.64% per year to $663 billion by 2027.

So, if the subject of fashion and beauty intrigues you, then you can’t miss out on the affiliate marketing commissions in this niche in India.

You can consider various sub-niches like:

  • Makeup
  • Skincare
  • Hair care
  • Luxury Beauty 
  • Deodorants & roll-ons
  • Men’s, women’s, or kids’ grooming
  • Men’s, women’s, or kids’ fashion
  • Ethnic wear
  • Jewelry

It’s a great opportunity to promote the correct products to boost your revenues because millions of consumers are willing to spend money on fashion and beauty products and services.

Running a beauty blog can be fun, and you can use the beauty tips on yourself or your family in addition to being a good source of revenue.

Yet in order to create a profitable blog in the beauty industry, you must be sure to stand out.

#5. Travel Niche

Virtually everyone enjoys traveling. As a result, travel qualifies in the top cream list of the best, as a niche for affiliate marketing in India.

Most people use travel websites to find guidance on their travels, whether they are solo traveling, on family trips, on budget adventures, or on luxury trips.

#5. Travel Niche

As a travel blogger, you can provide travel advice, including information on specific destinations and strategies for getting around in new places. You can write about tourist destinations in India as well as travel tips.

People are traveling more than ever before in human history.

Each year, the travel sector is estimated to handle $7 trillion in transactions. That makes it one of the most popular affiliate markets, and there are many successful programs available to assist you in doing that.

You can choose one or several of the sub-niches below:

  • Backpacking and Luggage handling
  • Choice of clothing when visiting different areas
  • Best restaurants, hotels, and flights
  • Hotel reservations, flight bookings, and travel insurance tutorials.
  • Urban hiking
  • Family travels
  • Holiday travels
  • Travel on budget
  • Solo travel
  • Camping
  • Travel deals
  • Luxury travel
  • Adventure travel

A travel-related niche can be a great source of revenue because there are various options to monetize your website, including sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and partnerships with travel agencies.

You can earn a living by exploring and experiencing new places if you start a travel blog.

There are many travel affiliate programs you can sign up for and promote to earn a respectable income.

When you first start traveling, it may feel like you are spending a lot of money, but as you get the hang of it, you eventually start making a ton of money. Well, not necessarily tons but enough to make a career out of it.

#6. Food Niche

For those who are just starting affiliate marketing in India, the food niche is fantastic. 

Despite the fact that there are already a lot of well-established food blogs, you can choose from more specialized food sub-niches to escape the fierce rivalry in more popular food niches. 

#6. Food Niche

Food is not just a profitable niche but is also always in trend.

In the last two years in India and all over, as people have become more conscious of their health, home cooking, and plant-based cuisine have become more popular. 

Moreover, concerns about sustainability and climate change are currently getting attention. As a result, people are seeking alternatives like nutritious plant-based foods.

You can target sub-niches such as vegetarian or diet food on your website by writing articles or making videos. On social media sites, content like meal reviews and recipes gets huge attention.

Here are a few sub-niches you can focus on in the food industry:

  • Cuisine type e.g, Indian food, Continental food, Mexican food, Thai cuisine, Japanese food, etc.
  • Ingredients based recipes
  • Techniques based recipes
  • Vegetarian foods
  • Seafood
  • Gluten-free foods
  • Organic foods
  • Desserts
  • Food for weight loss
  • Low-carb and dietary foods
  • Paleo foods
  • Food for diabetes and body detox
  • Kid’s food
  • Bachelors cooking
  • Elderly foods
  • Budget-friendly Meals
  • Family-friendly Meals
  • Pet foods
  • Food Combination Ideas
  • Cookbooks
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Meal delivery services

The list is endless, and so are your opportunities for becoming a guru of food in a sub-niche of your choice.

#7. Home decor Niche

Home decor is a fun, booming, and lucrative affiliate marketing niche in India and around the world. Its market value is anticipated to rise by 20% and reach $202 billion by 2024. 

#7. Home decor Niche

If you enjoy decorating as a pastime and want to earn money online, you can consider this area.

People are constantly seeking methods to make their homes cozier. 

We now spend a great deal of time at home, and much more people work fully from home. Hence, furnishing our homes with a work-friendly ambiance and setting is crucial.

Also, some people may choose to decorate their homes with a theme to offer distinctive aesthetics. Whether it’s for aesthetics or productivity, home design is a highly sought-after specialty.

There are several sub-niches in home decor, including: 

  • Indian interior design
  • Bathroom Decor
  • Bedroom Designing
  • DIY Home Repair
  • Eco-Friendly Homes
  • Floor Design
  • Home DIY
  • Home Gadgets And Equipment
  • Home Gardening
  • Home Improvement Gadgets And Equipment
  • Home Organisation
  • Home Theatre Rooms
  • House Backyard
  • House Cleaning
  • House Safety
  • Interior Design
  • Living Room Decor
  • Modern Kitchen
  • Outdoor Patio Designs
  • Tiny Houses Design
  • Wallpapers Decor

You can employ tactics like home product reviews, decorating ideas, and room décor inspiration. You might also try using guest posting to increase traffic.


If you put in the right effort and resources, you will be sure to succeed in affiliate marketing in India. 

Look for different products and strategies in your niche to promote in India and worldwide to grow your affiliate marketing career.

There are only the top niches so do your research for more options.

All the best!

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